Shlok and Astha have a fight as Astha calls Niranjan double faced evil man in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir

Niranjan comes to the Vridh Ashram with Anjali, as he doubts she is hiding her parents here. Astha comes on time and hides Anjali’s parents. Sid arranges a tuition teacher for Kavya, but she runs of seeing Sojal asking too many questions. Varad gets angry on Sojal and hires Sid to teach Kavya. Sid is happy as he can meet Jyoti daily now. Niranjan meets Pawar and says I had some important work. He tells about Vridh Ashram land for which he needs his help. He gives the blank cheque.Niranja sends Shlok out of city as he has to shut the ashram now and bring those people on road. Niranjan tells everyone that the Vridh ashram land is having some issues, some Pawar is saying its his land, and they will have to stop running it.

He says they are ordering us to vacate the ashram.Anjali and Astha get worried. Niranjan asks Anjali why is she sad. He says I have slapped Astha without using my hands, she can’t win over me, I have to show her place. The lawyer comes to the ashram with Pawar and gives them a notice. They come to know about the court orders, as the land is not of Niranjan, but of Pawars. Astha thinks she is sure he did this, how much will he fall, Anjali is right, he can do anything.Astha asks Anjali to trust her and she will make everything fine. She calls up the matron and asks her to bring everyone to Agnihotri house and protest.

Niranjan and everyone are shocked seeing this. He gets angry but does not react as Astha calls the media too. The media praises Niranjan for having such a big heart to give ashram people a place in his house. Shlok keeps gifts for Astha, western clothes and calls her on video chat asking her to wear and show him. She does and they have a romantic talk. Astha thinks Niranjan will doubt on her and starts acting to show him. Astha scolds everyone. Niranjan sees Astha scolding them. Anjali says maybe they will agree to Astha. He says they have to, else I have other ways too.

The people mess up Niranjan’s place and start living in the garden. Shlok comes home and is shocked to see ashram people. He asks Niranjan, but he asks him to leave it on him. Astha gives food to everyone. Anjali’s parents are also there in the tent. She Anjali thinks what will Niranjan do now, protect my parents and ashram people Bappa, I m helpless that I can’t meet my parents.Niranjan acts like sleeping and Anjali goes to meet her parents. He sees her going and follows her. Anjali sees him coming after her and scolds everyone being angry. Niranjan sees the media and acts very humble and saying Anjali did wrong.

Niranjan apologizes to them and says my wife worries about me a lot, so she did not see your problems are more than mine. Anjali’s parents talk to others about Anjali and praise Astha. She says Astha is what Anjali was before, Astha has made Anjali think what she was before. They say Anjali does what Niranjan says, she gets the blame and even her children don’t understand her. Shlok scolds Anjali and says we were also disturbed, but we did not do any drama, this has insulted Niranjan. Varad says the same.

Shlok and Astha’s romance goes on. Shlok has to take bath and his bathroom is occupied. The water stops coming and he goes on terrace with Astha. She sees water coming in pipe and puts it on him. Astha and Shlok play with water and get romantically closer. Sid comes to teach Kavya and Astha asks him to go in Jyoti’s room. He gets glad meeting Jyoti and they spend some time happily. Sojal and the ashram people have an argument. Sojal says she knows playing carom, if she wins, they will go from here, not have food and not make noise. Suman says fine, then if we win then tell Niranjan to give us our ashram back, so it’s a bet now.

They call Niranjan and he agrees thinking how will the oldies win with their shaking hands. Shlok plays from Agnihotri’s side and Astha sees the oldies losing. She dons a old man’s look and plays from their side. Their team wins as she plays very well. She dances as her wig falls. Everyone is shocked to see Astha. Shlok gets angry on her for insulting Niranjan. She says Niranjan took their ashram back. Shlok shouts Astha and is about to slap her. Astha is shocked as he stops his hand and looks at her angrily. Anjali sees this and is worried. What will Niranjan do next? Keep reading.