Durga fails Sakshi’s plan by identifying Shekhar; Dev gets saved by Shaurya’s evil plan in Ek Haseena Thi

Dev and Durga are stuck at the highway as he his car breaks down, by Durga’s plan by sending Akash to damage it. Dev does not know this and is innocent. Shaurya doubts Dev to do this purposely as he wants to get closer to Durga. Sakshi and Raima talk about Durga Thakur. A man hears them and comes to greet them, saying he is Durga’s USA friend. akshi says that’s interesting. She wants to extract all special info from him and asks him to stay at their farmhouse and she will help him in setting his business if he helps her in knowing Durga well and her secrets too. Dev and Durga take a lift from the truck and eat apples on the way. Durga plays in rain and Dev thinks about Nitya.

Shaurya comes on the highway and is going mad seeing they have gone leaving their car. Dev drops Durga home. Dayal tells Durga that she is misunderstanding Dev. Shekhar shows Durga’s college pics to Sakshi. Sakshi thinks seeing this no one can say you are that Durga whom we know.She asks Raima to invite Durga in a party where they will make her meet Shekhar, and lets see whether she identifies him or not. Durga comes to meet Dev at his home and thanks him a lot praising him and making Shaurya jealous. Shekhar asks his friend and comes to know about Durga and Dayal’s fight. He tells this to Sakshi. Shaurya hurts himself in anger. Sakshi asks him to control his anger.

Shaurya meets Karan and tells him that he can’t bear Dev anymore and will kill him by making his road accident. Durga tells Dayal that she will make the brothers fight. She says Dev will propose me soon and Shaurya will not agree for this. She says Dev will be out of his family as no one will support him. Durga thinks why did Raima invite her in the party suddenly and asks Akash to find out the reason. Durga and Dayal come in the party. Durga tells Dayal that Sakshi’s smile makes her sense danger. Dayal asks her to be careful. Sakshi signs Rajnath and he nods yes. Rajnath takes Dayal and Durga is left alone.

Dayal is worried thinking Durga might be in some problem if she is left alone, but Rajnath makes him busy. Sakshi says Shaurya is important to us and he is after Durga, so we have to bring her truth out. Rajnath asks Raima why is she supporting Sakshi. Raima says I also feel there is some mystery about Durga. Sakshi thinks Durga, get ready for a surprise and sees Shekhar coming in. Shekhar acts like he bumped into Durga and is glad seeing her. Sakshi and Raima see whether Durga identifies him. Durga thinks who is he. Dayal says he was my daughter Durga’s classmate in US, if Durga does not know him then, so this is Sakshi’s plan, Shekhar Mehra.

He tries to go to Durga, but Rajnath stops him. Durga tries to recollect what Dayal told her about his daughter’s friends. Durga takes his name Mr. Shekhar Mehra. Dayal smiles being relieved. Durga acts normal and shares her college life and some details making sure to Sakshi that she is the real Durga. She says this might be Sakshi’s idea to surprise me, so sweet of you, but why do I feel that you also got surprised. Durga says what coincidence, nothing happens without any reason, its all planned, we give it the name of fate.

Sakshi is angry on Shekhar and asks him to leave. He asks for one last chance and he will prove this is not real Durga. Shaurya meets the truck driver killer and asks him to kill Dev and Gautam calling them on highway asking them to meet for getting Payal’s rape case evidences. Dev and Gautam go there. The truck driver is ready to hit them and sees them arriving. He calls Shaurya and says target’s car passed now. Shaurya asks him to kill them. Suchitra calls Dev and hears his scream. She cries and tells Rajnath that Dev met with an accident.

He is shocked and asks her to calm down. Gautam says Dev hurry up, the truck driver will come. The truck goes to hit him but falls in the valley as Dev backs his car and gets saved. Dev thinks who wants to kill him and why. Shaurya is happy thinking Dev might have died till now. Akash calls Durga and tells about Dev’s accident. She is shocked and cries. Does Durga/Nitya still have feelings for Dev? What will Shaurya do knowing Dev got saved? Keep reading.