Yeh Hai Mohabbatein June 4, 2017 written update: Shagun gifts Adi and Aaliya a trip to Europe for honeymoon

In the most recent scene of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Aaliya goes to meet Shagun who gives her Europe tickets for their wedding trip. Adi then again, is approaching Raman for thoughts for their special night.

Raman proposes that he ought to take Aaliya to Kerala. Adi does the booking. Aaliya gets back home and before Adi can enlighten her concerning Kerala arrange she educates him regarding Shagun’s blessing to them to Europe. Adi doesn’t enlighten her regarding his arrangement.

Ishita discloses to Raman that Adi ought to inform Aaliya concerning his arrangement. Raman requests that her not meddle. Ishita then recommends him that they can go for the Kerala trip as the appointments have been finished.

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Mr. Bhalla requests that Adi and Aaliya be watchful while voyaging. Santoshi asks Aliya where might she get the cash from and she reveals to her that Mani has given her Mastercard. Santoshi requests that her not flaunt her card.

Raman and Ishita are examining about something when Santoshi comes in and inquires as to whether he organized a Mastercard for Adi. She then discloses to him that Aaliya ought to comprehend that she shouldn’t rely on upon her dad to such an extent as she is a piece of the Bhalla family now.

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