Ashok breaks the truth to Ishita that Raman is saving Shagun in Mrs. Iyer’s accident case in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Ishita comes to know Raman lied to her, as she sees Shagun’s message in his phone. She thinks why did he lie to her, as she has never stopped him from talking to Shagun and Adi. Shagun sees the dress which Ramam gave her years before. She wears it as she is going to meet Raman. Ashok comes and says you are looking absolutely gorgeous, so I will spend all my day with you, long drive and then romantic dinner. She says its Adi’s first day at school, I m going to drop him. Ishita sleeps late and Raman makes Ruhi ready for school. Ishita then rushes to school and sees Raman and Shagun together.

She calls Raman and he lies to her saying he is alone. She wonders why is Raman lying. Ishita comes home and is upset. Amma tells Ishita that people change, first impression is not same, see Raman, he takes care of everyone, you are very lucky to get a husband like Raman.Ishita says even Lord is made of mud. Pathak fixes Raman and Shagun’s meeting with the lawyer at the hotel room. They go to the same hotel where Romi takes his friends. Romi looks for the room. He gets the room and walks in.

He is shocked to see Shagun and Raman together.He goes out and leaves with his friends thinking whats Raman doing here with Shagun, should he tell this at home. The hotel catches fire and it comes on the tv news. Romi sees the news and panics and tells everyone that Raman is in that hotel. Everyone is shocked. Ishita runs to see Raman. Romi goes after her. . The manager stops Ishita. She says let me go, I have to see my husband and calls out Raman. She is shocked to see Raman bringing Shagun lifting her as she is unconscious by the fire fumes.

Ishita comes home and cries. Everyone ask about Raman, is he fine. They ask Romi. Romi says Ishita saw Raman and Shagun together, even I saw them in the room together in morning, but I did not say it before but this is the truth. Ashok is angry as Shagun is with Raman. Ashok says she does not know me, I know how to get respect. Parmeet thinks Shagun is playing with Ishita and ruining her life here. He smiles filling Ashok’s ears. Ashok talks to Shagun about Raman. Shagun says Raman fixed the meeting with the best lawyer. Ashok gets jealous. She praises Raman and tells Ashok that we are not married, I m not your wife, I came to you for love leaving Raman, and you treat me like this, Raman cares for me even today and you won’t understand what a woman wants, it should not happen that I go back to Raman. Ashok says how dare you say this. Ishita asks Raman to share everything with her, but he says he is helpless and can’t tell her, just think he is doing this for Adi. Raman cries thinking he is breaking Ishita’s trust. Everyone is happy with Vandu’s good news. Shagun plans a holiday picnic with Raman, Adi and Ruhi. She makes Adi call Raman and he agrees as Adi wished this for the first time in 6 years. He comes home and asks Ishita if he can take Ruhi and tells Shagun’s picnic plan. She is shocked and cries getting angry on him. Mrs. Bhalla consoles her seeing her cry. She says I want to give you a mum’s love, share your pain, and support you as a mother. Ishita hugs her.

She says nothing bad can happen, as I trust Raman a lot, I understand him, Raman is Adi’s dad first then my husband, I can’t stop him from doing the duty of a father. Mrs. Bhalla hugs her crying and says you are great, you raised in my eyes today, Shagun filled poison in me, you have made me Amrit, I can tell the world that my bahu is the world’s best bahu. Ishita convinces Ruhi to go on the picnic and she agrees. Mihika hears Pathak talking to inspector to delete all CCTV footages of the signal where Amma’s accident happened and then calling Raman to say the work is done. She comes to Ishita and tells her but she does not believe her.

Raman misses Ishita and leaves with Ruhi, Shagun and Adi for the picnic. Shagun makes Ashok jealous by keeping her family pic as her display image on social site. He gets angry and calls her. She does not give him any time and he thinks to ruin her happiness. He goes to Ishita and tells her how Raman is cheating her being with Shagun. Ishita says she completely trusts Raman and she knows he went with Shagun and kids. He says Raman told his lawyer to destroy the evidence, he is saving the culprit, his ex wife Shagun. Raman is saving Shagun. Ishita can’t believe him and asks him to leave else she will call security. Ashok asks her to come with him and ask Raman herself to know the truth. Will Raman’s truth be out? Keep reading.