Niranjan playing smart games with Anjali and Astha to win Shlok’s trust and bail out Abhay in Iss Pyaar Ka Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir

Astha and Shlok get into a fight because of Niranjan, as she tells him that his father is a double faced man and she has seen his true face. She says whatever happened with the ashram people is done by Niranjan and Shlok loses his temper when she calls his dad a bad man. Shlok raises his hand to slap her but stops. Anjali stands far seeing this and thinks Astha is risking her life to get rights for her and she should not make her relation bad with Shlok. Sojal backbites about Astha and Varad gets angry on her. Jyoti comes to Astha and asks what was she telling about Niranjan so loudly that she could hear it and asks her not to say this again, as Shlok loves him a lot and will not hear anything against him. Varad comes to pacify Shlok and asks him not to fight with Astha.

Shlok does not calm down and when Astha comes to apologize to him, he does not listen to her. She insists a lot and he asks her to apologize to Niranjan is she wants to see things normal between them. Niranjan thinks to something to make Shlok trust him again as Astha if filling his mind against him. I can go to any extent to do this. I have to prove myself right and erase the doubt in Shlok’s mind.Anjali hears this and comes to talk to Astha. She asks Astha to back off and not stand against Niranjan, as she wants her and Shlok to be happy.

She asks Astha to swear on her that she will not tell Shlok about Niranjan’s truth, he is my husband and no one can change this truth. Astha says the power is truth is it comes out one day, Shlok has to change, I should not have told him Niranjan’s truth, if Niranjan started this game, I will tell his truth by his ways and expose him, Shlok will understand who is right and who is wrong. Niranjan calls the media at home and returns the ashram land to the oldies saying he bought it from Pawar. He becomes great in Shlok’s eyes and Astha too apologizes to him. Shlok is happy with her and they plan to go out to celebrate this. Niranjan is glad and says happiness will be gone from your life Astha, I will fill bitterness between you and Shlok that you can’t even think. Shlok and Astha are together having chaat outside.

Varad hugs a woman and Kavya sees him. She calls him and Varad meets them. He tells them that he came for a meeting. Astha asks who was that lady. Varad gets tensed and says she was needing help to put her baggage in the car so I was helping her. She was Mansi, the woman with whom Varad is having an affair since two years. They meet up later at home and they are in a living relationship. Varad values her a lot as she understands him completely and does not even want to get into marriage. Mansi and Varad have strong love between them, but the sad thing is Varad is cheating Sojal.

He comes home and Sojal gets angry on him for spending the night out. Niranjan tells Anjali that I bought a plot for Jyoti and her daughter. He makes Shlok the checks and Shlok says its right. Niranjan then cunningly hides Abhay’s bail papers in it. Astha thinks how did this happen, did he change or any plan. Niranjan keeps some other papers and gives to Anjali. Anjali says I will take signs in morning.Jyoti signs on the papers, but the papers fall later on, and she sees the bail papers.

She gets angry thinking Anjali did this intentionally and cheated her. She gets furious and packs her bag to leave the house. She gets labor pain and Anjali gets tensed. Everyone rush Jyoti to the hospital. Shlok and Varad come there with Niranjan. Niranjan scolds Anjali for not being able to keep the papers safe and Shlok won’t leave her if anything happens to Jyoti. Anjali cries and prays for Jyoti. Sojal tells them that Anjali cheated Jyoti and took her sign on Abhay’s bail papers.

Shlok gets angry but Astha stops him, asking him to worry about Jyoti now. Juoti delivers a baby girl and everyone is very happy. Anjali goes to take her but Shlok holds her hand stopping her saying Niranjan has the right to take the baby first.Niranjan takes the baby though he lacks love for his grand daughter but acts infront of Shlok. Anjali cries and Astha makes her touch the baby and bless her. Will Shlok and Anjali’s equations get well? Keep reading.