Adi saves Ayesha from Arif and decides to marry her going against everyone in Pyaar Ka Dard Hai

Ayesha faces lots of disgrace by what Arif has done to her by putting her vulgar pics on the magazine cover and naming her as Pankhudi, so that Adi hates her. He plans to make Ayesha helpless so that no one will marry her and he can emotional blackmail Nilofer to get Ayesha married to him. Jackie says he has passed this news to women organization. They come to Diwaan Mansion and create a havoc on Pankhudi’s name. . Adi gets angry seeing Pankhudi’s name defamed. He stops them and the ladies scold Ayesha. Adi says one min and says I won’t hear a word against Pankhudi.

Sheela says she is not Pankhudi, but Ayesha. Adi says the pics are morphed. They ask the proof. Anuj says we are finding, we need time. They don’t believe them and asks Pankhudi to apologize infront of media. They give them one day time to get proof. Adi and Ayesha leave to meet the editor but does not find him. He asks Ayesha to go to te meeting and he will get the sub editor and Jackie. He takes Nafisa alone, who admits her mistake that she was jealous of Ayesha, so she has taken Arif’s help. Adi forgives her and they get Jackie and the sub editor. Arif convinces Ayesha to marry him, but without her complete will, she agrees only as Nilofer forces her. Farida says we will keep the Nikaah today.

Ayesha gets ready but she is very upset. She sits there infornt of Arif and the Maulvi asks her is she ready for this Nikaah. She does not answer and Adi comes in. Adi says I m sorry but this Nikaah can’t happen. He says Arif has morphed Ayesha’s pic and got them published. Arif says you are doing this intentionally, as you have seeded doubt in her mind against me. Farida says my son can’t do this. Arif asks what proof does he have. Adi says I have two proofs. Sub editor of the magazine, do you know him, you paid him money, he was running from city and I caught him from the bus. He brings Jackie. Jackie names Arif to be behind all this. Farida slaps Arif and says are you not ashamed to do this with any girl. Farida slaps Arif and says are you not ashamed to do this with any girl.

Adi calls the police and Arif gets arrested. Arif says what would I do, I got everything I loved, I loved Ayesha but she rejected me. So I blackmailed her with those papers to agree for photoshoot. Adi asks what was in it. Arif tells him that it had Pankhudi’s death certificate, which Ayesha wanted to hide from you. She agreed to do the photoshoot and did a deal that I should not tell you. Adi looks at Ayesha as she did all this to save him from getting hurt. He thanks her and says he is proud to have a friend like her. They come home and Sheela creates a scene saying now no one will marry Nilofer’s daughters. Harush consoles Nilofer and she gets angry asking him will he make Ayesha his bahu or will Adi marry her.

Adi says yes, he will marry Ayesha, if she needs a husband’s name to live in the society with respect and fulfill her dreams. Ayesha refuses to marry him. Adi explains her. She asks why, as my face depicts Pankhudi. He says I don’t want your face to be get reminded and linked to my Pankhudi. He says if you feel my decision is right, then a friend will wait for your yes. She agrees. Sheela gets angry on Adi and asks him to first take Avantika’s permission and she knows she will not agree. Adi calls Avantika and says Pankhudi is no more and now he is marrying Ayesha and tells everything what happened here with her.

He says she is not Pankhudi but her look alike. He tells her everything about Harish and Nani’s plan to bring Ayesha in his life. Avantika cries and is shocked and says no, you can’t marry her, I won’t let this happen. She breaks down thinking Pankhudi will never come back. Adi asks her to support him, as his decision won’t change.Pankhudi’s parents get angry and leave from there as they can’t believe Adi is remarrying Ayesha just knowing about Pankhudi’s death two days before, how can he forget her so soon.

Sheela calls Ayesha and gives her a black cheque asking her to leave from Adi’s life. Adi comes to know Ayesha is not at home and goes to find her at the station. He gets tensed as the marriage registrar already came here for the legal marriage. Will Ayesha marry Adi and will Avantika accept her in Pankhudi’s place? Keep reading.