Yuvraaj started valuing Suhyani knowing she truly loves him; Menka tries to trouble Suhani in Suhani Si Ek Ladki

Suhani prepares a good presentation which Rags spoils and smiles waiting for the fun. Suhani says I hope I give my best and Rags gives her the laptop. Suhani starts the presentation. Suhani impresses Steve. Suhani shows the mascot of the fitness club and everyone is shocked. Rags smiles. Suhani is shocked to see wrong image as their mascot. Steve says she is my wife. How can you joke with my wife? Steve gets angry. Suhani says I did not do this. Suhani says I don’t want to insult you. Suhani explains him why she used his wife’s pic that he still cares for his wife’s fitness.

She tells that guests is like Lord for them, and says her values. She tells about Amitabh Bachchan. Even Steve is his big fan and they together tell his lines. He says Suhani Srivastav, you are the same girl who used to say Amitabh’s dialogues, I have taught you in school. He tells Dadi that he is very impressed as Suhani is known to him, he will finance this project. Dadi is impressed by Suhani and accepts her as her bahu. Yuvraaj is glad. Yuvraaj comes and sees Pratima and Suhani talking. Suhani apologizes for lying to Dadi. Suhani tells Yuvraaj that she kept Nirjala fast for him, don’t tell anyone that I wanted to keep this for his long life. He asks her not to act like she loves him. She says she won’t spoil her mood.

Suhani gets Rags’ nail. Menka sees it and tells Rags that Suhani came to know that you spoiled her presentation. Menka changes Rags nail color and cuts her nails. Menka smiles and says she is feeling very bad. Suhani comes to them to ask about Pratima and leaves. Suhani completes her Teej fast. Rags closes the door and scolds Menka. She says Suhani did not know about my nails, and you have cut my nails. Sharad and Yuvraaj talk about Suhani’s fast for him. Yuvraaj says its drama and she is good in it. Sharad says I don’t feel it, she gave good presentation even without having food. Yuvraaj says he does not trust her.

Yuvraaj opens a word file and says did it get transferred to my laptop by Suhani’s pendrive. Suhani starts the puja arrangements. Yuvraaj reads that Suhani’s marriage was her dream and Yuvraaj turned it into reality. She says Soumya always made me realize that Yuvraaj loves me. Suhani prays that she gets some love and respect from Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj reads ahead and comes to know that Suhani did not trap him in marriage, but she loves him. He comes to know that Suhani does not know why Soumya left, she did not come in her marriage and no contact. She misses Soumya a lot.

Yuvraaj thinks about Suhani and how he treated her fooling her. Yuvraaj comes in their room and sees her sleeping. He closes the window. He looks at the wedding pic and smiles. He gets her fav samosas for her to break her fast. Rags talks to Pramod and says they will come in birthday party and you will meet Yuvraaj’s wife. Rags smiles and says this party will be unforgettable Suhani. Suhani comes and asks what. Rags tells everyone about the party. Krishna and Soumya are getting apart by his sister Rakhi, who is seeding many problems between them. Bhavna is worried as her brother in law Rishi is eyeing her badly in her husband Amit’s absence and came to stay in her parent’s house to avoid Rishi.

Everyone go in the party and Rags plans to insult Suhani, but fails. She gets drunk and praises Suhani, saying she is jealous of him. Yuvraaj’s friends taunt him seeing Suhani.Suhani dances and enjoys. They come home and Menka tries to make Rags against Suhani. Menka comes and gets an idea to spoil the floor with mud foot marks. She goes to Suhani’s room and gets her shoes. She does so to put the blame on Suhani. But shoes get exchanged and she gets Rags’ shoes. Suhani and Ramesh sees the mud spots. She says she will clean it before Dadi comes. Dadi is walking towards the main entrance. Suhani starts cleaning.

Dadi goes to her room where Menka has soiled her bed cover. Dadi fumes on Suhani as she sees Menka’s foot and takes all blame on her. Dadi insults her a lot. Yuvraaj defends Suhani. Suhani takes the bedcover to clean it and thinks what to do, maybe any home remedy will work. Rags says Suhani saved me today. Menka gets annoyed and fills her ears against Suhani. Suhani uses milk to clean the stains. The stains does not go. The bedsheet gets torn by her and she gets worried thinking Dadi’s anger. What will Suhani do to win Dadi’s heart? Keep reading.