Ayesha spoils her image to bring Adi and Poonam closer in Pyaar Ka Dard Hai

Ayesha has finally succeeded in making Payal and Rubel’s relation well. Payal realizes her mistake by talking to Poonam and feels she is the one who united them. Ayesha talks to Poonam. Poonam says her parents died when she was in 10th, she took care of herself and her brother, without taking any help from anyone. Ayesha says I felt strong meeting you. She feels this girl can change Adi’s life. Harish tells Avantika about the film funding getting stopped. Avantika says she will bear all funding and he does not worry now. Avantika says she will invest in his film, its not a favor, dreams are priceless, I know what this film means to you.Adi says lets have poker competition at home.

Ayesha says good idea, we will call Poonam also, you both play and I will enjoy. Poonam comes in Adi’s room and is glad seeing drums. Poonam plays the drums and Adi is bowled over by her. Ayesha looks at them and gets tears in her eyes. Ayesha gets sure that Poonam is right for Adi. Ayesha sees the drums and says I don’t know anything. Avantika says I think they met yesterday night, and they became great friends in one meeting, they look happy together. APoonam asks Ambika did she take her medicines and shows her concern.Ambika tries to tell Adi that Poonam is like Pankhudi.

Adi looks on. Avantika gives the cheque to Harish. Harish thanks her. She asks him to do his film’s preparations. He is thankful to her and hugs her. Poonam says her brother’s shopping list came, can you take me Ayesha. Ayesha says yes, but Adi will take you. Adi says sure, but I can’t be along with her as I have important meeting. He says Ayesha you also come and you both do shoppingAdi takes Ayesha, leaving Poonam behind. Poonam gets irked. yesha thinks how to make Adi stay with Poonam.

A car rushes towards Ayesha. Adi saves Ayesha. Poonam says Adi is so concerned about you, how can you not love him, if he is so good and concerned about you. Ayesha says you saw his concern, but did not notice, it was for a friend, , We are friends and I m looking for a good bride for my friend, I guess I got her now. The goons tease Ayesha and Poonam. Ayesha scolds him and says I will break your hand, leave her hand. Ayesha starts beating them for eve teasing. Ayesha beats them with her slipper. Few men come and beat the goons.

The police comes. Poonam says I called you, the goons were teasing us. The police arrests them. He asks Ayesha and Poonam to come with them. They give their statements. Adi comes there and asks Ayesha what happened. Avantika says I m sorry, Ayesha should have behaved calmly, Poonam did right to call you. Sheela scolds Ayesha for not caring about Avantika’s respect. Avantika says Poonam did right to ccall police, but even Ayesha right by beating them. Everyone is stunned as Avantika takes Ayesha’s side. Avantika is glad that Adi and Harish have a good opinion about Poonam.

Sheela tells everyone that Payal was drunk yesterday night. Rubel says yes, she had much drinks, but trust me, it was my mistake, Payal was upset because of me. He says everything is sorted between us after 2 years. Payal apologizes to them. She says she wants to thank someone who made her realize his mistake. She goes to Poonam and thanks her. Rubel thanks Ayesha and says you and Pankhudi are same, she also found her happiness in other’s happiness, Adi asks Ayesha to come on site for boutique. He asks Poonam to come along Ayesha. Ayesha is thinking what to do. Ayesha does not turn up and makes Adi angry and makes him spend time with Poonam.

Everyone come for Harish’s film screening. Adi waits for Ayesha. Ayesha walks in with Nani. Everyone like the movie. Adi says dad I m proud of you and hugs him. Adi looks for Ayesha. He asks Nani where is Ayesha. Nani says she went to meet Nafisa in interval, as she has some problem. Ayesha comes and Harish asks is the problem sorted. Ayesha says sorry, Nafisa needed some papers which I had. Adi comes to her and sees her sad. He says are you trying to avoid me. She says why will I do it. He says he is trying to support her in her dream. She says I don’t want your copyright in my dream, we both have a life, don’t join it.

Adi is shocked and says ok, what do you want. She says I want you to move on in your life and free me from this marriage. She says you can marry Poonam, she is very nice. She says she is fed up being his friend, free me, don’t make me your private property. Will Adi know the truth behind Ayesha’s strange behavior? Keep reading.