Sooraj and Sandhya celebrate their first wedding anniversary; RK and Disha make a big plan in Diya Aur Baati Hum

Bhabho asks Sandhya not to do any duty related to RajKumar(RK) and better be off shore to him. Sandhya says she already got this duty. Bhabho says you don’t do this work, get any transfer, but I will not let you to RK, he is your enemy, why did you take his responsibility, I will not let you go. Sandhya says I promise, RK will not harm me and my family, he will be hanged in few days, no one should be afraid of him. She takes RK’s pic and tears it. Vikram and Meenakshi are having an annoyance time. Sooraj wakes up as the glass falls. He asks what happened. She shows her hands and he says it got sores. She takes care of her hand. He gets a call and asks her to hold the wet cloth.

Disha calls up complaining the same about mahendi and smiles knowing Sandhya’s hands got hurt. Mohit shows the collage he made. Everyone like it and is happy. Sandhya gees to the Dhaba and is shocked to see the Dhaba is missing and its plan land there at its location. Sandhya says how did anyone know out route plan, it was secret. Disha tells Sooraj that she can fool anyone. He says you may, but not my wife. Disha says I love challenges, I promise I will show you, one day Sandhya will lose and I will win. Sooraj thinks she is joking and laughs. Zakir sees RK on CCTV camera videos. He is seen exercising and yoga. The jailer says he asked for Ramayan. Zakir asks why. Jailer says they are going his wishes fulfilled as he is going to die, he called for a pandit too in morning.

Zakir says as far as I know him, he can’t be afraid of death, why did he turn into religious one. Sandhya comes there and says Zakir, being religious is to regret and it should have heart change, RK can never realize his mistakes, so he won’t ever regret, he has some plan in his mind and we have to find out. Sandhya talks to RK and says she will take him to hang, and till then she will not sleep peacefully. He says you will be sleeping and he will go from under her security.Everyone plan a surprise for Sooraj and Sandhya for their first wedding anniversary. Sandhya and Zakir talk about more security. Zakir says about mobile application which can get live feed from CCTV cameras from jail. She says its great, I also want this app in my phone. He says sure, we will see RK all the time wherever we are. She says RK will hang now, she will not rest till then.

Meenakshi is jealous seeing Vikram with Prema and having a friendly bond. Sandhya and Sooraj buy a special gift for each other. Sooraj looks at the watch and says 10mins to 12 now. He changes the time and makes 5 mins back. Sandhya comes and thinks to wish Sooraj before him. She restes the watch and makes it 5mins back. Sooraj comes to her and they smile. He sees the time and waits. She thinks she will wish him first. He thinks the same and they both time pass till 12. Its 12, and they both wish each other. The beads fall from his hand. They fall on the bed and have a romantic moment. He praises her beauty and she smiles.

They have an eyelock. Babasa comes and calls Sooraj to get his medicines. Sooraj says coming. He says Sandhya you have to wait for sometime. Sandhya keeps checking her phone. She goes out to the kitchen. Meenakshi and Emily take her to groom her. Sooraj and Sandhya are dressed up nicely and blind folded to see the surprise party. They are happy. Sooraj and Sandhya greet the elders. Mohit shows the collage. Emily says its message from all of us. Sandhya and Sooraj get the letters and read it. A cake comes. Mohit asks Vikram did he order cake. Vikram says no. He says I think Zakir ordered it. They ask Zakir. Disha takes the pic. Zakir says I did not order it, I think you did it.

Sandhya and Sooraj think they have ordered it, it’s the special surprise. Zakir asks them to cut the cake. Disha takes the pics. They cut the cake and make each other eat it. Disha sees they got busy and goes to Sandhya’s room. She sees Sandhya’s phone. She sees the live feed of RK and changes the settings. She sees Zakir talking on phone and thinks to change its setting but how. She throws drink on his jeans and says she will clean it. He keeps his phone. She takes his phone and changes settings fast. She keeps the phone back. She takes a piece of cake in the foil and leaves. She gives it to someone and says launch Prithvi. RK talks to himself in the jail. A constable comes to RK and gives the cake piece. RK smiles. What is RK’s plan now and how is his sister Disha helping him in this? Will Sandhya be happy to stop RK in time? Keep reading.