Shaurya beaten up by Durga’s goons; Dev tries to find Nitya’s truth in Ek Hasina Thi

Durga is annoyed with Akash as he did not help her this time and they could not save Payal from Sakshi’s attack. Shaurya and Durga are on the way and he asks her to share her problems. He says we will go to Vaishnav Devi and take Maa’s blessings. We will pray for Payal also, I m sure your dad won’t say no. She agrees and makes a good plan with Dayal to hurt Shaurya and Sakshi. He thinks finally honeymoon plan is locked. Sakshi says Dev you knew Payal is at farmhouse, Durga told you right. Sakshi says why did she tell only you, and not us. Is it not strange, she is marrying Shaurya and tells her deepest secrets to you. Dev says I m sorry, I did not wish to hurt anyone, its not my mistake if anyone got hurt.

Dayal sees Akash there and tells him everything how Sakshi found out Payal by following Dev. Akash thinks Sakshi’s words. He thinks Shomik is Dev, if I followed him that day, I would have known her plan and saved Payal, even I m responsible for Payal’s state. Durga comes there and Akash says I m really sorry. Durga says you will try to know why did I get friendly with my enemies. Why am I marrying Shaurya? She says what do you think that I can love a devil like Shaurya, or I want to change him, or I m in greed, there is nothing like this, I m same Durga who wants to ruin them. I will prove this in two days. Durga thanks Sakshi to permit her for going with Shaurya. Durga sees Goenka’s pics on the revenge wall.

Dev comes to meet Durga. She says you here, I was about to come at Goenka house, before going on trip. Dev gives her the puja Chadava items. Dayal smiles. Durga asks any special prayer. Dev says I have asked Lord, she knows my one wish. Dev talks to Nitya’s pic and asks her to please come back. Dev asks Nitya to come back in his life. Durga is shocked seeing him and hides. Durga thinks about her and Dev’s old moments.Durga sees him and is shocked. She hides and runs form there. Durga takes Sakshi’s blessings to succeed in the work she is going to do. Shaurya and Durga leave. Rajnath asks Sakshi not to worry about Shaurya. Raima comes and says Rajnath is right. Sakshi scolds Raima for coming in their bedroom without permission. Sakshi says if anything happens to Shaurya, then God help you both.

Shaurya and Durga come to a resort. Shaurya books honeymoon suite for tonight and winks to the manager. He asks the man to get great dinner and mix this tablets in it. Durga is inside the room. He stares at Durga and walks towards her. Durga turns and he stops. He thinks enough now Durga, you made me very restless to reach now, but after this night, you will be restless. He takes her dupatta and thinks he will get what he wants today. Shaurya asks the manager to arrange special dinner and add this tablets in it. Akash calls Durga and says all set, they reached that area, where to meet. She tells her plan. Shaurya whistles and walks to the room. Shaurya tells Durga that tonight will be special. He says a special dinner.

She says I won’t like hotel food, why don’t we go to Dhaba to have food there, I want to eat spicy chatpata food. He smiles and says what, you want to go Dhaba. She says trust me, it will be fun. Shaurya and Durga come at the Dhaba. He mixes some tablets. Durga smiles knowing his trick.Dev goes to Durga’s house and asks Dayal about Nitya’s diary’s missing papers, but Dayal does not tell him. Dev tries to find out the papers is his absence. Durga thinks about Payal’s rape. Shaurya walks towards Durga. The goon comes in between and the lassi falls. Shaurya scolds him. Durga says we are sorry. Shaurya says why are you sorry, this man will say sorry.

The men taunt Shaurya and make him angry. Shaurya argues with the men. They fight with him. They beat Shaurya. Durga acts to get some help and sees Shaurya getting beaten up. She thinks about Shaurya’s sins. She thinks how Payal failed to get justice. She thinks of her parents’ death. The men beat Shaurya and break his bones. Shaurya falls. Durga cries holding Shaurya. The police comes and she asks them to call ambulance. The man tells everyone that a group of men came and fight started.Durga smiles as she has taken one step of his big revenge against the Goenkas and this will be a shock for Sakshi to know as Shaurya is her weakness. What will be Sakshi’s reaction knowing this? Will Dev find out Durga’s truth to be Nitya? Keep reading.