Yuvraaj defends Suhani and saves her from Dadi’s anger; Rags gets Dadi know about Yuvraaj and Soumya in Suhani Si Ek Ladki

Yuvraaj sees Suhani upset and comes to talk to her knowing Soumya made her upset. He asks why did she interfere in Soumya’s life by gifting her AC and TV. Suhani says she got it by her savings. He says did I talk about money, whats mine and yours, my money is yours too. He says if you told me, we both would have got the solution. She asks what. He says he can give Krishna a job without telling them, and this problem will get solved. She says great. They light the Chinese lamp and leave in air. Suhani tells everyone that they will celebrate a peaceful Diwali without burning crackers. Saurabh and Arjun disagree.

She says firecrackers have sound and pollution, the animals get sdared and even Snoopi will be scared. Yuvraaj says Suhani is right. Saurabh says Yuvraaj used to compete for high sound firecrackers, and now he is saying this, wife’s puppet. Suhani makes sweets and Yuvraaj teases her for having it and gaining weight. She talks about relations. She says whether you don’t like someone, it becomes habitual and habits becomes need, then if you don’t will, you start caring for relations and value it. Sharad sees Yuvraaj smiling and saying some words to him, I feel its first phase of love. Dadi comes to meet Soumya at her house and Dadi tries to know about Yuvraaj’s true love and asks Soumya was she after him.

She provokes Soumya cleverly and makes her tell the truth. Soumya says no, its lie, I rejected him, he does not love Suhani, he is showing fake love for Suhani to make me jealous. Dadi smiles. Dadi comes home and asks Menka about Yuvraaj and Soumya. Menka says I told you about their love story, but Rags made me lie. Rags says I lied because of my fear as she did not had any proof. Dadi asks can she get the truth out. Rags says yes, I will bring out Yuvraaj and Suhani’s relation truth out. Menka tells Suhani that Yuvraaj loved Soumya and wanted to marry her, not you. Suhani is shocked. Suhani does not hear her and Menka’s plan fails. Menka acts friendly to her and wants Suhani to leave the house.

Rags asks her not to tell Suhani anything, as she is planning some big drama. Soumya comes there and Dadi welcomes her. Pratima asks Soumya to go back, as her inlaws are waiting. Krishna is angry as Soumya is not at home for the puja. Rakhi says we will start the puja now. Krishna’s mum says no, we will wait for her, she is laxmi of our house. Soumya gets gifts Dadi gifted her and Krishna’s mum gets happy. Krishna gets angry and asks Soumya to leave the house. Rags fixes the camera in Yuvraaj’s room and makes Dadi how they stay as strangers in the room.

Yuvraaj wakes up and says what is this Suhani, what do you want that I go and sleep on sofa and you get this bed alone. Suhani says no, you sleep on bed. I will keep pillow in between. Menka says they are behaving like neighboring countries. Rags says it happens when there is not relation, or relation between love. Dadi says stop this nonsense, stop this video, I don’t want to hear anything against Yuvraaj, he is my grandson, I can’t bear anyone interfering in his personal life, take the camera out tomorrow before Gowardhan puja.

Dadi asks Suhani to get the white cow for the puja. Suhani, Yuvraaj and Sharad go to get the cow. Rags removes the camera and Yuvraaj hears some sound as she locks him in bathroom. He thinks Suhani did it and asks her. She says she did not do it. Suhani gets a white cow and Rags sees it has a black mark on its forehead. Menka tells Rags to take revenge of her wig flying incident from Suhani. Everyone gather for the puja. Menka says its hot, so I asked Ramesh to fix fan here. She opens the fan and the cloth flies. Dadi is shocked seeing the black mark on the cow. Dadi scolds Suhani. She asks why does she always get wrong, did her parents teach her this, you ruined the puja, its bad luck.

Suhani says what bad luck, its Gau puja today and the cow is here, its white cow as you wanted, it just have black mark, it does not mean it’s a horse. uvraaj says Dadi please, don’t scold Suhani so much, she does not know this, she did this to keep your wish. Menka tells Rags that Dadi knows Yuvraaj knows Soumya, shall we tell her that Pratima did this mistake. Soumya and Suhani have a talk about being Birla bahu and its benefits. Suhani is upset and says Dadi always dislikes her seeing her dark face, but she can try to win her heart and make her accept her as bahu. Soumya encourages her. Rags invites a fortune teller to make Pratima’s mistake evident. Will Dadi come to know about Pratima’s mistake? Keep reading.