Sooraj and Bhabho to leave for Dubai; Maya gets ready for Operation Grahan in Diya Aur Baati Hum

Lohya gives the food to RK and he starts eating. He sweats a lot and faints suddenly. Sandhya gets shocked thinking what happened to him in so tight security. Sandhya and Lohya call the doctor. RK gets checked and doctor says his BP got low and he will get fine in two days, so hanging has to be postponed. Sandhya asks Lohya to shut all hospital exit points. Maya leaves out hearing this. Prema says I came to know RK’s food is going from here. Prema added the medicine in it, thinking its RK’s fav food and its for him. Maya says you did well, if we failed today, RK would have been hanged. Babasa tells everyone that Vikram is not realizing his love for Meenakshi, but he won’t hide it from us.

Sandhya calls Bhabho and asks did anyone come in kitchen and help her in making food. Bhabho says no. Vikram comes and Bhabho tells Sooraj to see that Vikram is looking for Meenakshi. He sees Meenakshi coming in her new dress. Vikram thinks she is going to meet Amit who came today for engagement. Vikram stops her and says I know you are going to meet Amit. She thinks he is mistaken and its good chance to make him more jealous. She says she is getting late. He stops her and asks her to sit. She praises Amit. He says I will stop you, with all right. Vikram gets the aarti plate and fills Sindoor in Meenakshi’s hairline.

Meenakshi and everyone get happy. Meenakshi gets tears in her eyes and says he will beat Amit if she meets him. He says he loves her and nothing can value his love. Sandhya thinks Bhabho won’t let strangers go in kitchen, and only Prema can go, so is it Prema who did this. Sooraj gets the letters from Zakir and asks what does Zakir wants to say. Sooraj gets Sandhya’s call and says he is with Zakir, he told me something. Sooraj ends the call and says Sandhya is happy knowing this. He says lets start our work, and starts with K. Zakir sleeps by the medicine. Sooraj tries to figure out what is the word.Bhabho asks Prema to take care of Misri.

She takes out the drugs and puts in her hand. She asks her to have it and sleep. She gets a call and says she will take some time, and do the work. Misri sleeps. Bhabho tries waking up Misri and is worried. She asks Prema what happened to Misri. Prema says she was fine, she was playing, maybe she got tired and slept. Bhabho says she is unconscious, not sleeping. Sooraj says he will call doctor. Prema thinks she has given extra her extra medicineLohya shows the food medical report. She says it is proved that there was medicine mixed, find out from everyone.

Bhabho sees the drugs with Prema and slaps Prema and says she won’t let her go till Sandhya comes. Prema gets tensed. Sandhya asks where is Prema. Bhabho says I have shut her in store room. Prema runs out from there before Sandhya comes home. Sandhya checks her bag and finds the arm making chemicals. She thinks she was from RK’s gang and informs her staff to find Prema in the city. Meenakshi tells everyone that she is pregnant. Vikram is very happy and takes Meenakshi to hospital for her checkup. Maya tells Disha that Prema will leave before roads get locked. Disha says how will we get the arms. Maya says Prema has kept the arms in suitcase rod, you have to just manage it, don’t make mistake.

Sooraj says he has decided he won’t go. Disha tells this to Maya. Maya says I want Sooraj on that plane, he has to die, RK will get this gift from his sister Maya. Disha tries convincing Sooraj, and makes Bhabho convince Sooraj for the same. Bhabho decides that she will go with Sooraj and Disha says she will arrange her visa. Sooraj comes to know that Prema has gone to Jaipur and wants to track her down. Prema thinks Bhabho will also be in hijack plan now and shoots the bottle. Bhabho does the packing and sees Babasa upset. Sandhya and Sooraj have some romantic moments. Maya keeps the arms hidden in her foot structure. She says flight 2310 is ready to get hijacked.

Disha comes to meet Sooraj and shows the special mugs for food festival. She says I will keep this on your laptop busy as its delicate and can break. She hears Sandhya talking about RK’s hanging on time. Sandhya gifts a spy camera pen to Sooraj to record all his Dubai moments. Sooraj has the paper on which Zakir made him write the alphabets for Hijack word, but he fails to show it to Sandhya. They have a soothing hug before separation. Sooraj is leaving for Dubai and Sandhya goes for her duty to get RK hanged. Will Operation Grahan kick start in Sooraj’s flight? Keep reading.