Rajveer frames Baldev in illegal wine case and poisons Ranvi and Veera’s minds in Veera

Rajveer meets Veera on the way and makes her emotional with his sad story, that he lost his mum and dad at an early age and now there is no one whom he can call his family. She says we have to tell darkness we are not afraid and we are with light and she will light the diya at his home. She goes to his home and lights the diyas. Baldev calls her and she does not tell that she is with Rajveer. Baldev comes to know this from Jaggi and he gets angry. Billa and Jaggi keeps something in Ranvi’s godown. Ratan asks Gunjan does she have colored envelops, as she wants to give Nek to kids. She asks Gunjan to go bank and deposit money. Gunjan says fine. She gets her friend’s call asking her for money. She says how will I give money, don’t talk to Ranvi, I will give money.

She goes to Ratan’s room and takes the cash. She hides and says Ratan should not know this till I keep it back. Rajveer touches Veera’s lipstick marks on the tea cup. He says you can’t go against Ranvi and he will choose me for you. Rajveer comes to Ranvi and says I came here to do duty, I have search warrant for your house and godown. Rajveer says we got the news that there is unlicensed liquor stored. Veera is shocked. Rajveer asks for keys. Ranvi asks him to do his work and gives keys. Rajveer’s staff gets the wine barrel and everyone is shocked. Rajveer says he is arresting Ranvi and he has to come to police station with him. Veera says she can’t let Ranvi stay in jail, she will free him soon.

Baldev reaches there to free Ranvi and Rajveer says he doubts Baldev is after all this, as he wants to take revenge from Ranvi. Ranvi says he can’t believe this. Rajveer calls Baldev asking him to go to his godown as someone has kept barrels there. Baldev rushes there and is shocked seeing many wine drums. Rajveer comes there and arrests Baldev on same charges. Baldev says its not his drum and he does not know how it came, he got call and he came here. Rajveer says you tell this story in court, and arrests him. Baldev is shocked. He frees Ranvi and tells Veera that Baldev is after all this. He says Baldev was angry on Ranvi as he wanted you not to meet Baldev. Veera cries and believes Rajveer. Balwant bails out Baldev and brings him home. Baldev tells Bansuri that Balwant does not believe him, he does not care.

Veera comes and Baldev asks is she fine. Veera slaps him. She says you have sent Veer ji to jail to meet and spend time with me. She says Ranvi was right, you are not a good human being and can’t keep relations, you can’t keep anyone happy, you can’t be right for me. She says jealousy has limit, you always blame him, you did mistake, atleast accept it, Ranvi is right, you don’t know anything than wrong things, you are a goon, Ranvi is right, you are not right and suitable for me. Baldev gets tears in his eyes. Baldev says its good your tension got less, now you won’t to think how will you marry Baldev, as Baldev does not want to marry you now. Veera cries and leaves.

Rajveer is happy to kick Baldev out of Veera’s life and tries to pacify her. Veera shares her pain with Rajveer and speaks against Baldev. Baldev sees them together and leaves. Veera is doubtful that Baldev may not do this. Rajveer asks her not to believe Baldev and open her eyes. Veera celebrates Bhai Dooj with Ranvi and is upset because of Baldev. Ranvi cheers her up. Baldev says Ranvi and Veera say I m guilty, even dad thinks so, maybe you also think so, its fine, when the proof comes, you all will know. Baldev is at Dhaba and the tea seller says he believes him, he can’t do this. Baldev says tea seller believes me, and family does not. Teja and his friends come there and backbite about Baldev.

They talk about Veera, and Baldev took revenge as Ranvi refused for their marriage. The goons beat up Baldev as he starts the fight in Veera’s defense. Baldev gets wounded and Billa informs Veera about this. Veera comes to Baldev’s house and calls out Bansuri. Baldev hears her and says Veera. He is wounded and gets up to walk out to see her. Bansuri scolds Veera and she leaves. Bansuri lies to Baldev that Veera does not worry for him and she did not come to see his state. Veera and Baldev think about each other and cry in their rooms. Will Veera get to know that Baldev is innocent? Keep reading.