Vidhi Pandya declares Helly Shah as her best friend, who is a gift to her from the industry

In a recent interview, Vidhi spoke about her best friend – Helly Shah and called her a gift from the industry.

Vidhi shared, “With Helly (Shah), it is way more personal. Helly is my best friend. Industry has gifted Helly to me. She is ‘the’ best friend in my life. With her it is not necessary to share everything but we can read each other’s silences too. We talk when we are in mood and she understands if I don’t talk. When she got Ishq Mein Marjawan, she didn’t tell me. I got to learn it through the promo. Same happened with her when I signed EDKV 2. But we are best friends. If she doesn’t know anything, nobody else knows it. She is my best friend and that’s the equation I share with her.”.

The actress also spoke about the bond she shares with her Udaan co-stars, Vijayendra Kumeria and Meera Deosthale. About them she shared, “With Vijayendra (Kumeria) and Meera (Deosthale) I share a very friendly bond. We all are in touch on and off. I did a short series with Vijayendra as well, which unfortunately hasn’t been released. Professionally and personally, I share a great bond with him. With Meera too it is similar. We keep chatting with each other on Instagram. We keep commenting or sharing things on social media.”.

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