Titu fails to elope from wedding functions in Tu Mera Hero

Govind gives the good news to everyone about Panchi’s parents agreeing for Titu. hi talks to Rachna. Rachna says Titu can feel that you are taking advantage of him. Panchi says he understands me and trusts also, I will heal his broken heart. Titu tells everything to Golu. Panchi talks about Titu. Titu tells Golu that Govind is making someone enter his heart forcefully and is upset. Rachna says this romance can end in 6 months, and asks her to meet Titu and clear things once. Panchi feels Rachna is right and she should meet Titu once. Panchi comes there and Govind meets her.

Govind tells her about Titu, and ask her to make Titu responsible, then he will be thankful to her, he chose her as he believes she will make Titu lose one day, by breaking his laziness, his stupid love, she will make him a better man, a wife is not just wife, and tells the good things what a wife can make possible by her efforts and determination. Titu is shocked seeing Panchi’s parents and calls Surekha. Govind says I have called you here so that pandit can take the mahurat. The pandit ji says its in next two days.

Mukund asks Kamlesh not to worry, as he is lucky to get a house like this, and both his daughters can get married in same mandap. Govind praises him. He tells Kamlesh that we can keep Panchi’s marriage along with Rachna’s. Kamlesh agrees. Govind asks Bhagwati to brings sweets. He says congrats and hugs Kamlesh. Rekha thanks Lord and says congrats Mukund, Titu is marrying Panchi. He says yes, now Vaishaili will be your bahu. Govind gives money to everyone for shopping. Bhagwati tells Pinky that marriage is big day for a girl, she has many dreams, the marriage is happening soon, don’t know Panchi’s dreams are fulfilled or not. Govind hears this and thinks Bhagwati is right.

Govind thinks is he hurrying and Panchi’s dreams not fulfilled? Govind asks Surekha to accept Panchi, she can make Titu a better responsible man. Surekha says he is right, Titu will run and I will make him run before marriage. Govind meets Panchi and asks her about her dream wedding. Panchi says she is very happy and asks him not to worry. Surekha asks Titu not to talk, and just get down the tempo when it comes. She makes him sit in the tempo and Govind comes there. She makes the tempo leave and lies to Govind. Panchi and Rachna get ready for the haldi. Titu reaches the bus stop and is in tempo. Sunil uncle reaches there and sees who cane to pick him. Mukund greets him. The tempo reaches Kamlesh’s home.

Kamlesh and Pratibha welcome Govind and Surekha who give them the shagun. Panchi greets them. Titu is sleeping in the tempo. Surekha worries the same tempo. The mattresses are brought out and kept. They bring Titu out covered in white sheet. The people put down the mattress, and they all get shocked seeing Titu in it. Panchi is glad. The haldi plate falls and Titu falls on Panchi. They have an eyelock. Titu thinks the world is really round, I was running away from her and reached her. Surekha says everyone knows Titu has come to meet Panchi. The girls tease Titu and take a selfie with them.

Panchi tells Rachna that love has strength, Titu has come here as I was wishing. Chetan’s parents come there. Kamlesh says you have surprised us. Chetan’s mum says you surprised us by this big shock, you should have not kept Panchi’s marriage along with Rachna’s, else we should have known this. Kamlesh says we will go inside and talk peacefully. Surekha says about Lord sending Titu there at Panchi’s home and blessing them. Kamlesh says I was also worried, but its one mandap and two marriage.

Manorama thinks its good, as she will get less expenses. She says if you don’t respect us like them, then I will take the Baraat back and not stop on anyone’s saying. Kamlesh says don’t worry, like we did not differentiate in our two daughters, we won’t do such for relatives too. Manorama agrees and thinks she wants to see who are they, and want to see grand function also. Pratibha asks Panchi to win everyone’s hearts in inlaws, and blesses her. Surekha talks to her mum in law’s pic and says there is no one at home, this is best chance to make Titu run, bless me. She sees Rekha and says I was telling mum about getting all guests and coming there to bless. Titu jokes and Govind laughs. He says he will take Titu as he is proud that his son is getting married. Govind takes Titu and Surekha gets worried. How will Titu avoid the marriage? Keep reading.