Bhabho makes Sooraj realize his mistake in Diya Aur Baati Hum

Bhabho suddenly gets unwell and faints in the market. Chotu gets worried and calls Sooraj. They rush her to the hospital. The doctor says its out doubt, her second kidney is also damaged. He says we have to transplant the kidney. The family goes for test for matching kidneys and none matches with Bhabho. Chotu comes to Sandhya’s house and tells Ankur about Bhabho’s critical state and she is in hospital. Ankita says she was fine here. Chotu says we were going home, and tells everything about her kidney failure. He says I have to tell this to Sandhya. Ankur thinks Sandhya will not go Scotland if she knows this.

Ankur hides it from Sandhya and Chotu spots Sandhya at home, but the guard kicks him out. Chotu tries calling Sandhya, but Ankur does not let him talk. Ankur asks Ankita not to tell anything to Sandhya. Everyone see the donor list very less, and many people die waiting for the kidney. Sooraj says nothing can happen to my Bhabho. The man says I m not scaring you, the doctor will put your mum on dialysis, but I will find the kidney in 24 hours. he man asks them to give 10 lakhs. Sooraj agrees to pay and goes home to sell the jewelry. Meenakshi tells Vikram that selling jewelry is not wise and we should meet Mohit’s boss to ask for a favor.

Sandhya meets Sooraj in burqa and is glad to see him for the last time. She does not know Sooraj’s problem and leaves seeing him. Sooraj gives the money to the man, and says remaining amount I will arrange soon. The man says I will arrange kidney. Sooraj bumps into a drunkard, and goes back, to see the man paying that drunkard 50000 rs and asking him to come on time. The man gets tensed seeing Sooraj. A lady tells Sooraj about her husband selling her kidney without her will, and asks Sooraj to help her from the drunkard man. Sooraj saves her and comes to know the man was arranging kidney by illegal ways. The man argues with Sooraj, as his decision can end Bhabho’s life. He asks his decision.

Vikram and Meenakshi come to meet Mohit’s boss. Ankur comes there and they are shocked seeing him as Mohit’s boss. Ankur says you came here with hope and I can’t refuse, I will arrange the money. They get shocked. Ankur says they will get 10 lakhs in 5mins. Vikram thanks him for helping in this time. Ankur asks them to sell their house for 60 lakhs and two flats with it. They get shocked. Meenakshi convinces Vikram to agree. Ankur says I don’t want property papers, I will make power of attorney which will show that Bhabho has give house selling rights to you, just take her sign and I will do everything.

Vikram and Meenakshi come to Bhabho and see her sleeping. He says I don’t like doing this. She says our house problems will end, we can’t earn big amount ever. Mohit and Emily catch them. They argue a lot, and they also agree to do this for 50% share. They take the thumb impressions of Bhabho. The inspector arrests the man for running illegal kidney racket. Sooraj says in ethics and motherly love’s fight, a son lost but humanity won. The man says lets see who saves your mum now, be ready to give shoulder to your mum’s funeral. Everyone ask Bhabho not to worry as Sooraj will get the kidney. Sooraj tells Bhabho that he can’t save her life risking other’s life. She asks did she understand Sandhya, when she has hope from him.

Sooraj says he could not sell his soul, he could not become selfish. He says I m a human, and my humanity did not let me do this, I did not do this to become great, I did this as I keep my humanity infront of everything, what would I do, I will get Bhabho’s treatment well by best doctors, when she gets fine, I can meet my eyes. She says I gave you birth so you worry for me, but Sandhya is not my blood, and she worries for me and family a lot. She says your love and her love, I did not find any difference, you got hurt when I told you can’t be my son, just think when you told her that if her mum was in place, would you do this?

Bhabho asks him to think what he has done by breaking Sandhya’s hopes and dreams. Sooraj cries understanding his mistake. Sooraj realizes Sandhya is leaving in sometime and rushes. Sooraj goes to meet Sandhya. Ankur says Sandhya has gone to Scotland. Mohit calls him and says we got the kidney, I asked the doctor and the person has kept it confidential. Sooraj goes to see and sees a lady lying in the ward. He tells the nurse that he wants to thank the lady. Who is the lady, is it Sandhya? Keep reading.