Sooraj realizes his mistake and decides to get Sandhya back in Diya Aur Baati Hum

Sooraj goes to thank the lady for donating her kidney to Bhabho. He thanks the lady for the big favor and leaves. Bhabho gets the operation done and Sooraj talks to her. She asks about Sandhya and he tells her about not being able to meet her. She says she went to Scotland and Bhabho cries. Bhabho comes home and everyone is happy seeing her. Ankur comes to them and they are shocked seeing them. Ankur says I have the right in this house. Ankur says I did not come to sit here, and says I have come to give this to Sooraj. Ankur says last time I came here for my sister and you told me relations matters to you the most, and for those relations, you have kicked my sister out of my life, I have come to show the real pic of those relations to you.

Ankur says you may realize your mistake and what you lost and what you got after sending Sandhya away. Chavi takes it and says I know to read it. She is shocked and tells everyone that its power of attorney, which says the house is named after Vikram and Mohit now. Everyone is shocked. Bhabho scolds all her children and cries. They all cry. Bhabho gets unwell and asks them not to worry for her. She says she just has her Shravan son Sooraj and no one else loves her. Babasa claps saying what kind of sons they are. They all say they did not do this for greed. Chavi says they can’t trust anyone and scolds Meenakshi.

Meenakshi says you are mistaken. She says this was not in my heart, we went to Mohit’s boss to seek help, but then we saw Ankur is his boss. She says Ankur has trapped us saying sell the house, he will give two flats and 60lakhs, we are innocent and we thought to get your treatment done, we did not had money, Ankur is taking revenge for Sandhya, he is breaking our family. Bhabho and Babasa scold them. Meenakshi then exposes Chavi by showing her mistakes chit to everyone. Dilip is shocked and leaves Chavi there to stay freely. He ends the relation with her and says you will get divorce papers in few days.

Babasa and Soorja beg to Dilip not to leave Chavi. Dilip asks him why did he not listen to Sandhya when she did not do any mistake. He makes Babasa realize his mistake. Babasa says sorry Sandhya, we did a big mistake. Chavi apologizes to Bhabho and cries. Bhabho says you are not getting punished, its pointing to my upbringing. Babasa thinks about Sooraj. Babasa comes to Sooraj and gives him money, asking him to meet Sandhya where she is. Sooraj is shocked. Babasa tells Bhabho that he has told Sooraj to get Sandhya back and he agreed. Bhabho is glad. Mohit and Emily meet Dilip and Pushpa and tell them about Chavi having cancer. They are shocked. He asks them to accept her as she needs them a lot.

Dilip and Pushpa agree. Mohit says Chavi will also agree to this as she is desperate to come here. Chotu’s hand breaks and tells everyone about his exams coming. He says he has made promised Sandhya that he will pass. Chotu asks Mohit to write his exam. The teacher tells Sooraj that Chotu need a writer to write his answers, but the student should be not from his class. Sooraj thanks her. Sooraj agrees to write his exam. Bhabho says Sooraj is doing this to fulfill Sandhya’s wish. Sooraj prepares for the exam. Sooraj learns science word spellings from Chotu and writes them. Sooraj writes Sandhya instead sand.

Bhabho asks Babasa to get vitamins medicines. She talks to Sooraj and gives him medicines. Chotu comes and greets them. Bhabho makes him have curd and sugar. She also makes Sooraj eat it. The medicines are something else, and its sleep medicines. Sooraj writes Chotu’s exams and starts feeling sleepy. Babasa says I gave medicines to Sooraj, he might be writing well. Bhabho is shocked seeing the sleep medicines and asks did he give this. Chotu says we wrote all answers and smiles. The police department is celebrating Republic day function. Ankur, Zakir, SP Sir and all others salute the flag. Daisa comes and tells Bhabho that Sandhya is getting bravery award, see her on tv.

Sooraj gives a message on news channel. e announcement is made to celebrate 66th Republic day and they recall all the brave army, navy, airforce and police officers to give them respect and bravery award, who will inspire them always. Sandhya is at home and sees the function coverage on tv. Sooraj comes there to receive her award and talks to Sandhya. Sandhya is shocked seeing him. What will Sooraj do? Keep reading.