Soumya gets Ankit’s proposal in Suhani Si Ek Ladki

Soumya refuses to go with her mum saying Suhani and Dadi have helped her when she needed a roof. She says this is my home and this is my family now. Her mum says that time the situation was different, you eloped and married the driver’s son, I could not bear the shock and got angry. Pratima says give your mum a chance. Soumya asks why, she did not give me another chance, why should I give her. harad tells Pratima that Soumya refused to her mum too. Yuvraaj talks to Sharad. Yuvraaj says her second marriage idea is not bad. Soumya comes to Yuvraaj. She says you don’t want me to go.

He says he wanted her to go. She smiles and says she likes this about him, he can’t see anyone sad, not even Suhani when he does not love her. He says I hate this thing, you are selfish, you don’t think about anyone, not even your mum or Suhani. She holds his face and says I m sorry, I love you. He says stay away, don’t try to touch me. Suhani says its never late to make relations fine, Soumya’s anger will go and she will apologize to aunty, right Soumya? Soumya says yes Yuvraaj, Suhani is right, everyone should get second chance in life. Soumya’s mum Madhuri tells her that she wants to make her meet someone, and calls some guy. Suhani is happy seeing Ankit and tells everyone that he is their college friend.

Ankit asks Suhani what are these diet snacks and green tea, since when did you become diet freak. Yuvraaj sees them getting very friendly. Pratima tells Madhuri to give some time to Soumya, she will forget Krishna. Yuvraaj and Suhani talk about Soumya. Suhani says Ankit loves Soumya. He says marriage is successful when both husband and wife love each other, else its just compromise. He stops saying seeing her. Ankit tells Yuvraaj that Suhani was smart and energetic girl in the college. Yuvraaj says I know. Ankit says but not more than me. He asks Soumya, how are you? Soumya tells him about her husband leaving her. Rags says infact Soumya dumped him. Ankit says I wouldn’t have done this.

Soumya taunts him. Suhani praises Ankit. Yuvraaj says you are praising him as if you want to marry him. Sharad says Yuvraaj is getting jealous and asks Suhani to continue her fight. Suhani teases him and asks again why you are getting jealous. Yuvraaj asks her to keep quiet and shuts her mouth with his hand. Ankit makes food in the kitchen. Suhani praises him and says she will send Soumya there. Suhani tells Ankit to tell Soumya about the reason of his US visit. Ankit says ok. Yuvraaj looks angrily with jealously. Soumya brings coffee for Yuvraaj, and Pratima asks her to come out of his room as he wants to talk to Suhani. Soumya gets angry.

Yuvraaj asks Suhani to close the door as he needs to talk to her. She closes the door and tells Soumya that she will be back. Ankit asks Soumya why did she change. Soumya taunts him for thinking about himself. He asks is she angry as he left her and went US. She says I have many things in my life, for which I m angry, why should I not be angry, my life has always cheated me, and you also cheated me being my friend. She cries and says I have cheated my fate. Soumya argues with Suhani and asks her not to force her to remarry. Suhan asks what does she want. Soumya says I will take what I want. Yuvraaj looks on.

Lalita and Rakhi talk about taking Krishna’s sign on the divorce papers. She says we have to steal the papers first and asks Rakhi to forge his signs by seeing it on the other signed papers. Rakhi steals the papers and Krishna catches her. Rakhi says help and calls everyone. She hides the papers and signs Lalita. She gives the papers to Lalita and acts like fainting. Lalita says Mata has come in her again. Soumya thinks to talk to Ankit directly, than making any plan. Soumya thinks Suhani won’t let her talk and agrees to act as per Rags plan. She goes to Ankit at night and beats him with pillows. Rags says come to senses Soumya. Soumya asks what’s happening here and acts like she was not in her senses.

Rags tells about Soumya being mentally disturbed and scares Ankit asking him to think will he marry Soumya. Ankit tells everything to Suhani. He says my friend is psychiatrist, lets take her there. Suhani says no, she gets angry, I will talk to her. Soumya hears this and scolds them for interfering in her life. Yuvraaj says Soumya does not want Ankit to stay here and she asked Suhani to send Ankit back. She says she told Suhani she does not love Krishna. Soumya fails from railing and calls for help. Yuvraaj runs to save her, and Ankit saves her. Yuvraaj and Ankit play carom game and Yuvraaj wins. What will Soumya do now? Keep reading.