Shlok makes Astha’s wish come true and shouts I love you Astha in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir

Anjali asks Astha to apply mahendi on her hands as there is a ritual where she has to do the puja dressed as a bride and be with Shlok later on by staying away from him for one night. Astha agrees. She gets the mahendi applied to her and can’t eat food by her own. Shlok sees her and brings food for her. She tells him that she can’t eat the food, so he should make her eat it. Shlok is reluctant but she insists. Shlok agrees and she tastes the bitterness of the lemon pickle which he brought in steel plate.

Shlok does not know about the taste and she does not tell him either. She eats the food and thanks him for making her eat with so much love. She asks him to say I love you and he leaves saying never. Varad and Kaka stop Shlok and pulls his leg knowing he took food for Astha. Shlok tastes the pickle and says its so bitter, why did Astha not tell me, how did she eat this, why does she love me so much. He says even I love her and can’t tell her.

Astha sees the mahendi color dark and wakes up Shlok in the morning to show him saying it means you love me a lot, come on then say it. Shlok gets angry and does not tell her. She tells him that she is leaving the house in anger as he is not admitting love and will come only if he says I love you. She leaves for the ritual which Anjali told her. Even Shlok understands this lie. Shlok goes to meet Astha at her parent’s house and she thinks its so romantic, maybe he came to say I love you, but he does not say and leaves. He then comes to pick her for the meeting next day. Astha inserts a I love you Astha slide in his presentation. Shlok gets embarrassed in the meeting and Astha laughs. He scolds Astha for playing with his image. Astha gets angry and cries saying now she will never ask him to express his love for her.

She leaves from the office and he goes after her to stop her. He makes her sit in the car and stops the car in the busy road centre. He gets out and shouts to the world I love you Astha, thus making her wish come true and making her very happy. Astha hugs him and then starts their sweet and happy love story. Shlok and Astha come home and he tries to get closer to her. Astha is bowled over by his romance and asks him to stay away as she is shy. Shlok wonders first she wanted him to admit love and now that he is loving her, she is asking him to be away, whats all this, girls can’t be understood.

Anjali asks Astha not to show her face to Shlok for one night and don the ghunghat. Astha does so and hides seeing Shlok. Shlok says I will see her face tonight at any cost. Astha can’t let the rules break so she stays away from him. He takes her to the pool and sees her face in the water. He says your rules are not broken and my wish got true. Both of them are happy and holds hands. Shlok gets over romantic in the bedroom where he makes her ready for the puja. Anjali invites Kalindi also. Ajju and Kalindi come for the puja.

Sojal comes to know that her mum met with an accident and Anjali does not give her permission to meet her as Niranjan does not wish to. Anjali knows Niranjan’s anger and asks Sojal not to go. Everyone try to convince Anjali. Astha makes Sojal go without Anjali’s permission. Anjali and Niranjan come to know about this. Niranjan gets angry and beats Anjali in his room. Astha sees the domestic violence and understands that Niranjan makes Anjali speak his words and it is always he who decides everything.

Astha is shocked and can’t believe that the one she regarded as a very good man is a devil. She says she will bring out Niranjan’s evil face infront of everyone and she will not let him torture Anjali like this. Niranjan asks Anjali to keep a smile on her face and hide her wounds infront of the guests. Anjali cries a lot and Astha sees her crying. Astha comes to Shlok and he finds her very much worried. She falls from the stairs thinking about Niranjan’s truth. Shlok holds her and gets worried. Will Astha be able to save Anjali from Niranjan’s torture? Keep reading.