Parmeet hugs Ishita shocking her with his real awful intentions in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

This week started with the Baisakhi celebrations in the society. Appa arranges the event and asks the Bhallas to attend it. Everyone get ready for it and come for the function on time. Ishita gets late and she is alone at home while all others leave. Parmeet goes to see Ishita and he sees her getting ready and tangling the dupatta. He stares at her figure and eye her in evil way. He comes to her and holds her acting sweet as if he cares for her.

He says you are looking really weak and touches her. Ishita does not understand. Just then Rinki comes, and Ishita leaves with her. Parmeet misses the opportunity. Ishita comes down and sees the kids Ruhi and Shravan dancing on the song Radha………. veryone clap enjoying their dance performance. Ruhi comes and hugs Ishita. Raman goes on the stage and starts speaking in Tamil which surprises everyone. The Bhallas does not understand what he is saying so Vandu translates them in hindi.

Raman tells Ishita that he never thanked her but today he wants to thank her from the bottom of his heart, she is his superwoman and Jhansi ki Rani. He tells how loving and caring is Ishita. She does so much for everyone, being a dentist, a mother, a bahu, a daughter and a wife. He says Ishita respects everyone and loves Ruhi a lot. She is the perfect mum for Ruhi and he is very lucky to have her. He says thanks for coming in our lives. Ishita is very happy and surprised that her Ravan Kumar can tell such sweet words.

Everyone are amazed hearing this and applaud for Raman. Amma asks Raman how did he learn so good Tamil. Raman shows her his employee to whom she once asked Raman’s pay slip. He tells her that he is a Madrasi and he wrote the speech in Tamil. Amma tells Ishita that she is lucky toget a loving husband like Raman. Ishita blushes as Mihika teases her taking Raman’s name. Raman comes to talk to Ishita and she thanks him for all the good words. Raman and Ishita look a happy couple to everyone.

Parmeet thinks how did Raman turn into this, does he really care of Ishita. Adi sees Shravan in Raman’s wedding video and thinks to take revenge from him. He frames Shravan in a bad case to get him expelled from the school. Ishita goes to the same school for Ruhi’s admission and meets Vandu. Raman comes there with Shagun and knows that Adi has done all this. Raman makes Adi admit his mistake and apologize to Ishita, Vandu and Shravan. Ishita feels happy that Raman supports the truth, and does not value relations more than truth.

Shagun calls Ishita a behanji which Ruhi hears. Ruhi then takes Raman to buy a dress for Ishita. They buy a modern dress for Ishita so that everyone can know Ishita can wear modern dresses and is not a bahenji. Raman gifts Ishita and she wears it. Raman sees her in the dress and is happy. She looks beautiful. Ruhi praises Ishita and the family too accepts her new look. Parmeet sees her wearing the short dress and starts staring. He plans to get closer to Ishita. He sees everyone busy at home in something, and waits for Ishita to return from the clinic. Parmeet knows that Raman went to Mumbai for two days and this is a golden opportunity for him to get Ishita. Raman goes in the meeting where Ashok is also there.

Ashok feels insulted as Raman wins the deal. Ashok has to work under Raman now and the times have changed. Ashok brings Shagun and Adi with them. Adi gets unwell and Raman lands up in Shagun’s room to help her with Adi’s take care. Raman calls the doctor and sits by Adi’s side all night. Ishita comes home and Parmeet hugs her. Ishita is shocked seeing his real face. Parmeet then makes excuses that he thought she is Simmi and hugged her. She tells him that he does not need to act innocent as she felt the wrong touch. She tells him that she will not be quiet to bear all this and she will expose him.

She goes to tell this to Simmi and Mrs. Bhalla. They does not believe her and ask her not to blame Parmeet. Simmi supports Parmeet as she loves him a lot. Parmeet tells them that he is not at fault and Ishita has simply misunderstood him as he treats her as a sister. Raman calls Ishita and asks her whats going on at home. Ishita thinks she can’t tell him on phone as she does not know how he will react. She thinks to wait till Raman comes back. Will Ishita be able to expose Parmeet? Keep reading.