Vikram gives the verdict in Adi’s favor and takes the blame on himself in Pyaar Ka Dard Hai

After Varun left home for the sake of Kaira, Vikram could not bear such a big defeat that his little brother who has never looked into his eyes, is not going against him and leaving the house. Vikram is shattered seeing his family break up. Amrita wanted Varun to go and have a life of his own, she did not wish to see Varun under the bad influence of Vikram.

Vikram promised himself that he will not spare the Diwaans for breaking his sweet and shot family, which he controlled over all the years. Vikram wants to take down on Diwaan’s weakness, that is Aditya Diwaan. He says sorry Pankhudi, but Adi will not be spared now and he will have t pay for all the things Diwaans did to me. Though he is at fault and he is responsible for Varun leaving the house, he blames Adi for it and wants to take revenge from him.

Vikram gets to know the employees working in Adi’s office and finds out who has the access to Adi’s laptop. He comes to know that a poor girl Aparna who is I need of money is Adi’s right hand. He makes use of this situation and hires her giving her lots of money asking her to hack Adi’s laptop and mail Mona some demanding and abusive mails.

Aparna does so without thinking what Adi will face because of this. Next day, Mona is shocked to see such mails and makes the hell at the office. She shouts on Adi showing him the mails. Adi and Rubel are shocked to see it and understand that someone hacked their laptop. Adi asks Aparna to find out as he did not doubt on her. Mona files a case against Adi for harassment at work place. Adi gets upset that things are not going fine and this news can make their business down.

Pankhudi, Avantika and everyone understand that this might be Vikram’s trick to show down Adi. Before they could go and meet Vikram, he himself comes to them with another masterplan. He blames Adi for having an illegal relation with his wife Amrita and giving her Rs 25 crores cheques. Everyone are shocked thinking how low can Vikram fall, as he has not even spared the respect of his own wife. Vikram does not understand what he is doing.

Amrita comes to know about this by Varun and she is shocked. Adi tells Vikram that he gave cheques on Amrita’s name as he asked him to do so and his family knows about it. Vikram asks him to prove it to the world and laughs. Vikram comes home and Amrita faces him with anger. They have an argument and she faints. Vikram panics and calls a doctor. The doctor confirms that she is pregnant. Vikram is on cloud nine and very happy thinking he will be a father soon.

Bau ji finds some secret of Vikram’s birth and tells Pankhudi that he will be coming soon to meet him. He tells her that this secret can shake his conscience. Bau ji is confident that this truth will change Vikram forever and he will turn good. Pankhudi asks Bau ji to come over. Avantika pleads to the chamber board to appoint a different judge, not Vikram for handling Adi’s case. Vikram is shocked to know that he is not the judge of the case and goes to talk to the board. Pankhudi and Bau ji convinces the family to give them a chance to try to make Vikram change. Avantika thinks they are risking Adi’s life by doing so, his career will be ruined. Pankhudi is adamant and goes against Avantika.

Bau ji and Pankhudi meet Vikram and tell the truth which was a secret for him. Bau ji tells Vikram that he was adopted by Bhagatchand and is not his real son. Vikram is shattered knowing this and Bau ji also provides the proof for his words. Bau ji asks Vikram to follow the goodness of his dad who has gained a place in everyone’s memories by his good work. Vikram is bribed by Khanna to punish Adi and they will forget his 150 crores loan.

Vikram thinks of Bau ji’s words about his dad and he really changes. He gives the verdict in Adi’s favor and tells everyone that he has framed Adi in this fake case. He apologizes to the Diwaans for whatever he did and wants to take Varun and Kaira home. Everyone are happy that Pankhudi did a miracle. Adi stops Kaira from going to Vikram’s house saying he does not trust Vikram and this might be his plan. Kaira tells Varun that she will talk to Adi and she feels they should go back to Vikram and Amrita. Did Vikram really change or is this his plan as Adi thinks? Keep reading.