Durga targets Navin Mathur to knit her revenge trap for the Goenka family in Ek Haseena Thi

Durga and Dayal are invited for dinner by Rajnath and Sakshi. Dayal agrees and informs Durga about the same. Durga thinks of the injustice done with Payal and cries. Dayal asks her to be strong and not get emotional when she is between the Goenka family. Durga thinks of every moment of Payal’s childhood and her parents who pleaded to Rajnath for giving Payal a good future. She thinks Payal was Raj’s driver’s daughter and was good at studies, but her world turned upside down when Shaurya saw her and laid his dirty eyes on her. Shaurya took advantage of her poverty and raped her thinking she will not do anything against him. But still Payal fought the case.

Durga thinks Shaurya did the worst thing and his family did much wrong with Payal by supporting Shaurya and his evil act. Sakshi gave a blank letter head to Payal and asked her to leave the city and stop blaming Shaurya for her rape. Durga thinks how she used the letter head to take out Payal from the govt hospital and shift her to the good mental hospital of the city. Payal is being treated under Dayal’s supervision. Dura meets the Goenkas well and meets Suchitra, who is Raj’s bhabhi. She finds her a good woman with a clean heart unlike all the Goenkas. Suchitra offers Dayal her land and asks him to make the hospital on it. Dayal and Durga are much happy.

Durga tells everyone that Sakshi will be heading the project and Sakshi becomes glad that her wish became true. Durga thinks she has to be close to Sakshi to keep an eye on her moves and by giving her the project, she will always be around her. Shaurya takes Durga to the office cabin as she tells him she forgot her tab there. She makes excuse and fools him. She makes the false fire alarm ring and all the office people run out. Shaurya looks out for Durga and just then Sakshi comes there. She gets worried about Durga seeing her nowhere. Durga goes to Mathur’s cabin and steals all the data from his computer. She plans to take revenge from Mathur first.

Sakshi walks in Mathur’s cabin and Durga hides. Durga comes from the front door and tells her that she escaped before Shaurya looked for her. Sakshi gets a small doubt on her but leaves. Shaurya and Durga start spending time with each other. Shaurya’s friends ask him to get Durga to his bed fast else he will be losing the bet. Shaurya tells them that everything is planned tonight and she will be on his bed. Shaurya dreams of her love scene and plans to work it out. Shaurya lies to Durga and takes her to the night pub where he makes her drink and dance.

Durga knows what he is upto and changes the drink in which he mixed some drugs. But she acts as if she is drugged and she is getting unconscious. Shaurya feels happy and thinks to take her to the room. He finds her very attractive. Shaurya gets shocked seeing the police doing the raid there. The inspector asks him about Durga and he tries to fool the police. Shaurya gets arrested and is taken to the police station for drugging Durga. Sakshi and Raj are called there and they bail out Shaurya as Durga gives the statement in Shaurya’s favor. Dayal comes there and scolds Durga for having such a bad company. He asks Shaurya to stay away from his daughter.

Sakshi and Raj scolds Shaurya and slaps him for drugging Durga. Sakshi asks Shaurya to stay away from their business partner’s daughter and find someone else to play with. Durga goes to Mathur’s house and keeps his pics with Chaudhary. Sakshi comes to know that Mathur has been blackmailing them about Shaurya’s rape case matter. Shaurya checks Mathur’s house and gets the pics. He informs Sakshi that Mathur is cheating them. Durga calls Dayal and tells him that their first revenge mission is successful, now Mathur will be tasting the dust.

She thinks how Mathur has scolded Payal and made her lose the case by supporting the Goenkas. She says Mathur has done all this for them but not they will also not believe him and kick him out of their business. Sakshi tells Mathur that she has a surprise party for him and Mathur gets happy. He does not know what is going to happen with him in the party. What will Durga do with Shaurya to fulfill her revenge? Keep reading.