Ishita brings out Parmeet’s truth and gets kicked out of Bhalla house in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Adi gets unwell as Shagun could not take good care of him. Shagun panics as Ashok is not with her. She calls Raman informing him about Adi. Raman rushes to see Adi and calls the doctor. The doctor checks Adi and says its food poisoning. He asks Raman to be with Adi all night. Raman stays with Adi at his side and takes good care of him. Adi sleeps. Raman sees Ishita’s missed calls and calls her back. She thinks to tell Raman about Parmeet or not. Raman senses something is wrong with Ishita as she sounds much upset. They have a long sweet talk but Ishita does not tell him about her problem. She thinks to tell him once he comes back. Raman calls Mihir and asks him to go and check Ishita and his family as he felt something is nor right there. Mihir agrees and goes to see Bhallas next day. He sees everything normal and calls Raman to tell the same. Raman calls Ishita and gets her phone off. He thinks is she in any problem and leaves Mumbai to meet her.

Ishita talks to Vandu saying her friend is being molested by someone in her family and can’t do anything as her in laws family will break. Vandu tells her to not bear any harassment and take a stand and fight against it. Sarika hears this and comes to talk to Ishita after Vandu leaves. She says she knows it is her own problem and Parmeet is molesting her. Ishita is shocked to know that Parmeet lied to them about Dubai job and he molested Sarika there. Ishita asks Sarika to help her in bringing out Parmeet’s truth. Sarika agrees. Ishita thinks she should give Parmeet one more chance as he is Simmi’s husband and has a little daughter too. She comes home.

Parmeet plans for a movie and sends the family out to spend some time with Ishita. He welcomes her at home and she is shocked to see no one at home. She tries to talk to him and explain that he has a family and should stop doing such things. Parmeet touches her and starts molesting her again. He forces himself on her and she tries to push him. She starts crying and hates his touch. She asks him to leave her for Simmi’s sake but he does not stop. She slaps him hard and he throws her on the ground in anger. She runs away from him hitting him with a chair and goes to police station to file the complaint against her. She takes Sarika to take her help and make her give the statement against Parmeet. Parmeet threatens Sarika and asks her to give the statement against Ishita. Ishita is shocked to see Sarika speaking against her and in favor of Parmeet.

The inspector arrests Ishita on Sarika’s statement. Ishita lands up in jail. Raman comes home and everyone tell him that Ishita is missing. He gets tensed and looks for her everywhere. He goes to the police station to file missing report and is shocked to see Ishita in lockup. He gets her bailed out and asks how did she get there, as she is a respectable doctor and helps everyone. She does not tell him anything and asks him to take her home as she wants to disclose everything infront of everyone. Ishita comes home with Raman and brings out Parmeet’s truth. She tells them how Parmeet molested her when she was giving him a second chance. Parmeet lies to the family and says Ishita wanted to have an affair with him as she did not get any love from Raman. Raman is shocked seeing them blame each other. He does not know whom to believe now.

Parmeet says he will leave the house and shows them Ishita’s messages in his phone. Simmi reads the dirty messages and slaps Ishita for encouraging Parmeet to have an affair with her. Raman keeps quiet and does not defend Ishita as he does not have any proof against Parmeet. Amma hears Mrs. Bhalla insulting Ishita and takes her home. She is shocked seeing Raman silent and not speaking a word in Ishita’s favor. Bala scolds Raman for not being a good husband. Raman hears Ishita talking to Amma that her phone was not with her all day so how can she message Parmeet. Raman thinks to meet Sarika. He goes to meet her and is shocked seeing her and he remembers he saw her with Parmeet before. He thinks maybe Ishita is right about Parmeet. How will Raman prove Ishita innocent and bring her lost respect back? Keep reading.