Akash and Poonam bring out Ramesh’s truth and get him arrested in Ek Ghar Banaunga

Akash and Poonam got a big contract by Suraj Mittal about his daughter’s wedding arrangements. But as he was aware of the fraud on Akash’s name, he was not sure to believe Akash or not. So, he asks Akash to do the arrangements on credit. Akash and Poonam are shocked. Akash thinks of saying no but Poonam agrees and convinces Akash to take the risk as everyone in the business market is aware is Mittal and he can’t cheat them. Akash and Poonam come home and tell this to family. No one supports them thinking of the risk Akash took last time. Poonam tells Akash that she will always support him and work with them in order to help him manage the arrangements well. Poonam and Akash start the wedding arrangements in hindu mythological sytle. At first, Sia, the bride does not like it but eventually after seeing her groom Raghav happy. The wedding rituals go on well.

Ramesh and Abhi try to ruin the arrangements and play dirty games to halt the wedding, so that Mittal cancels the contract and Akash comes on road. He wants Akash not to have any option of earning and make him sell the house. They stick the dhanush with glue which Raghav was to pick up to win Sia’s hand. Raghav feels insulted as people laugh on him as he is not able to lift the dhanush, but Akash pacifies him and asks him to feel the power of love. Raghav lifts it and everyone claps. Sia asks Akash to do the tilak ritual being her brother. Akash and Poonam are very happy. Mittal thanks Akash and Poonam are all the good work they are doing and gives them Rs. 10 lakhs as advance as he now believes them and their work. Akash asks Poonam to keep the money at home.

Sarita mixes itching powder in Sia’s haldi as Ramesh asks her to do this. Sarita and Dolly are happy thinking Sia wil react and will kick out Akash. The haldi falls and Poonam makes the new haldi. Everyone goes on happily and Sarita is upset as none of their plan is working. Ramesh thinks to do something about Poonam as she is Akash’s strength and Akash won’t be able to do anything without her. Dolly and Sarita fill Mangla’s ears against Poonam and she asks Poonam to stay at home and cook for the family. Poonam tells her that it is important to help Akash and she will do house work also. She wakes up early in the morning and cooks breakfast and lunch. Mangla is shocked to see Poonam’s hardwork. Akash sees how much Poonam is doing for her family and him and is much glad.

Kamal kidnaps Poonam while she leaves as he becomes her driver. Poonam is shocked and runs out of the car. Some boys see Kamal troubling Poonam and beat Kamal. They save Poonam and she thanks them. Kamal runs away. Poonam tells this to Akash and he gets angry. He files the FIR against Kamal. They don’t know that Kamal is hiding in their house itself. The police finds Kamal everywhere but does not get him. Mangla asks Poonam not to go out now as she is not safe, Kamal is after her. She asks Poonam not to step out of the house under any condition. Poonam thinks how to help Akash and thinks of video chatting.

She helps Akash in the decoration work by giving him ideas over the webcam. She sees the bamboos falling on Akash as he is listening to voice arrangements in headphone. Poonam is shocked and runs to Akash breaking her promise made to Mangla. She hugs Akash and tells him that she was very worried for him. Akash is fine and asks did you ask mum. She says no, Mangla was not at home. Akash and Poonam are called by Sia. Poonam gives her laptop on in her room and the video call is on. Sia shows them Ramesh and Abhi who are stealing Rs. 10 lakhs from their room. Ramesh admits his every sin he made and how he fooled Akash.

Akash and Poonam are shocked. They come home and expose Ramesh to everyone showing the recording in Poonam’s phone. Everyone is shocked. Ramesh shows his true face and accepts that he did everything with Akash. Ravikant slaps him. Akash catches Kamal in the house and calls the police. Ramesh, Kamal and Abhi get arrested. Ravikant tells Shashikant that whatever his children, did, he is apologizing and is ashamed of them. He leaves the house. The current track shows the corrupt politician Mata Singh and how he dupes money from innocent people. Poonam wants to stand against him and raise a voice against corruption. Will she succeed? Keep reading.