Shlok and Astha finally consummate their marriage; Astha bringing a change in Niranjan’s rules in Iss Pyaar Ka Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir

Shlok tells everyone that he is not well and would like to take rest at home. Everyone leave for the puja in Kohlapur. Anjali sits with Jyoti in the car thinking to talk to her about signing the papers to free Abhay from jail. Astha comes to Shlok and hears that he is actually acting to spend some time with her. She calls the doctor and tells him everything. She makes the doctor gives vitamin injection to Shlok. Shlok screams taking the injection. Niranjan asks Varad to call Shlok and ask how is he feeling now. Varad calls Shlok and comes to know he was acting to be with Astha. He smiles and tells Niranjan that Shlok is still not well. Astha goes her home to avoid Shlok seeing his naughty side. Shlok also starts avoiding her to make her run back to him.

He calls her and says I won’t come to take you, I have a headche, so you can come if you want. Astha gets worried and comes to him. She is surprised to see gifts on the table. She thinks of Shlok’s hatred at their first night after marriage.Shlok comes to her and tells her that he will wait to unite with her till she agrees, there is no pressure from his side, he can wait all his lifetime to get her love. She says I m yours and goes to hug him. She runs to tease him and leaves clue for him to chase her. She gets dressed in a beautiful white saree and waits for him at the terrace where he has planned a surprise for her. He sees Astha sitting with ghunghat. He makes her wear the ring. He kisses her hand and gets closer.

He touches her kamarbandh and she hugs him. The kamar bandh breaks and the pearls fall. Astha turns and he gets closer opening her back strap. They finally consummate their marriage. Next day, Astha lights the diya in the house temple.Shlok comes and she becomes shy. Niranjan does the puja with his Guru ji. He asks Anjali did she sign or not. She says she did not get time. He beats her. Varad walks towards their room and Niranjan acts seeing him. He leaves with Varad and asks Anjali to do her work soon.

Shlok and Astha plan to spend a day out together. Astha says we will go by auto and convinces him They have lots of fun, as Astha makes him have street food. Shlok really enjoys. Anjali asks Jyoti so sign the papers. Jyoti refuses. They have an argument, by which Jyoti starts feeling unwell and faints. Anjali gets worried and calls the doctor. She tries calling Astha but Shlok does not let Astha take her call. The doctor tells Anjali that Jyoti is sensitive and she should take care of her, and not give her any stress, else her baby won’t be good. Anjali cries and calls Niranjan. He comes and scolds her for not taking the sign till now.

Anjali says I can’t do this, I can’t risk Jyoti’s life. Niranjan is about to beat her but stops seeing Shlok and Astha come. He starts acting and blames Anjali for Jyoti’s horrible state. Astha understands that Anjali is doing this on Niranjan’s saying. Shlok gets angry as Jyoti shares her pain with Shlok, telling him that now she really hates Anjali. Shlok holds Anjali’s hand and says you don’t have any right to stay here, get out of this house. He goes to kick her out. Astha goes to Niranjan and tells him everything. She asks him to stop Shlok. Niranjan stops Shlok and says some great lines to get in everyone’s good books.

Sid comes to meet Jyoti by some reason, and also brings her favorite chaat and kulfi for her. They have a good time. Sid tells Ajju that he loves Jyoti. Ajju asks him to be careful as his one wrong move can ruin Jyoti’s life. Niranjan asks Anjali to do all the puja arrangements and wake him up at 5am. Astha takes Vinayak’s help and mixes sleeping medicine powder in his mango juice. Niranjan drinks it and sleeps solid. He does not wake up as Anjali, Shlok and Astha try hard to wake him up. The pandit asks any elder to do the puja. Astha convinces Anjali to do the puja. Anjali does the aarti and starts the puja. Niranjan wakes up hearing the shank sound which Varad plays. He is shocked to see the puja done by Anjali. What will be Niranjan’s reaction to see a big change in his house? Keep reading.