Raman plans to make Mihir confess his feelings infront of everyone in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman and Mihir come to a jewellery shop of Jai Kakkad. Mihir asks Raman to choose a ring for Trisha and Raman tells him to select it himself. Mihir goes to see some rings and takes the help of the shopkeeper. Raman tells Mihir that he will see what he can buy for Ishita and goes to design some necklace for her. He makes a personalized set for Ishita in pink and blue. Raman takes three hours to design it and Mihir sees him. Mihir teases him taking Ishita’s name, saying finally he is thinking about his wife. Raman says its just for surprising her, as she has nothing new to wear in his engagement, so she will have to wear good sets to keep up the Bhalla family name. Mihir laughs off.

Shagun and Ashok gets Trisha’s engagement with Mihir invitation. Shagun tells Ashok that they have to go and she will make sure she does some entertainment there against Raman. Parmeet informs her that Mihir is not happy and Ishita is trying to break the engagement. Ashok is happy and says Tandon is Raman’s biggest financer, and if he gets angry on him, then it will be good for them. Raman gets the necklace gifted to Ishita. Everyone ask Ishita who has send this. Ishita says she does not know. Raman comes there and tells everyone that Ishita did not have anything new to wear, so he bought this for her. Mrs. Bhalla likes the necklace a lot.

Ishita does not like it and tells Raman that its gaudy. Raman gets annoyed and asks her to throw it. Ishita talks to Mihir and says that she does not like it and its not his mistake, but he should have not asked any employee to shop, that’s why this happened. Mihir tells her that Raman has himself designed it, being there at the shop for three hours. Ishita feels bad and thinks to apologize to Raman for criticizing his choice. She comes to say sorry to Raman but could not say. She asks him to come with her to have coffee. Raman agrees and they go to a restaurant.

Ishita praises him and then sees Trisha and Romi. She doubts seeing them and tells this to Raman. Raman asks her not to doubt on them and takes her to them. Ishita clears her doubt and still thinks Trisha is dating someone, if not Romi. Everyone come in Mihir’s sangeet ritual. Shagun comes and flirts with Raman. Raman is offended by her shameless and praises Ishita. He is called on the dance floor to dance with Ishita and he stops Ishita asking Shagun to dance with him. Shagun gets happy and goes ahead. They start dancing and Shagun suddenly falls. Raman starts his taunts on her and insults her infront of everyone.

Raman then praises Ishita infront of everyone and dances with her. He asks her to walk with him in every phase of the life. She thanks him and they have a cute talk. Everyone is happy seeing them. Ishita feels Raman is changing now and he is a good person. Mrs. Bhalla tells Mr. Iyer about Mrs. Iyer liking for Jai Kakkad. He gets jealous and annoyed with Mrs. Iyer. She thinks why is he behaving so weird and comes to know that Mrs. Bhalla is behind all this. Mrs. Iyer sends a flower bouquet to Mrs. Bhalla saying its from her lover. Mr. Bhalla gets angry and scolds Mrs. Bhalla. She comes to know that Mrs. Iyer did this and tells this to Raman.

Ruhi hears Mihika telling everyone that she is doing fake engagement with Vibhu. She comes and tells this to Mrs. Bhalla. She then tells Raman and he plans to make Iyers tensed. He comes to Iyer knowing about Ishita’s plan. He scares them and fools them in his words asking them to keep Mihika’s engagement first. Ishita bribes the pandit with more amount and ruins Raman’s plan. Everyone come to the venue and Ishita looks gorgeous and wears the necklace which Raman gifted. Raman sees it and is happy. Ishita asks Raman to keep Mihir’s engagement first. Mihir and Trisha sit for the rituals. Ishita does the Roka and give them rings to exchange. Mihika says she can’t see this and cries. Vandu asks her to be patient, as Mihir can confess his feelings soon. Mihir gets tensed seeing the rings and holds Trisha’s hand. What will Mihir do now? Will he profess his love for Mihika infront of Raman? Keep reading.