Astha starts bringing change in Agnihotri house annoying Niranjan in Iss Pyaar Ka Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir

Niranjan sleeps unmoved and totally unconscious. Everyone try to wake him up, but he does not get up. Astha asks him can Anjali do the puja instead of him. Niranjan not in his senses says yes. Anjali gets happy but is reluctant to do the puja or not. Astha persuades Anjali to do the puja. Anjali comes to talk to the pandit and tells him that Niranjan did not wake up. The pandit asks her to do the puja instead of Niranjan as she is his wife. Anjali thinks and the whole family asks her to do the puja. She agrees and puja starts. Varad plays the shank and with its sound, Niranjan wakes up.

He sees the time and is shocked thinking how could he sleep for so long. He comes downstairs and sees Anjali doing the puja. He gets angry and asks Anjali to come in the room. Anjali asks him to punish her, as she went against his rules, but he says that she did better by doing the puja, else bigger rules would have broken. He does not beat her which makes Anjali happy. Renuka, Sid’s mum is always behind him to show him some girl’s pics for marriage, but Sid tells her that he is not at all interested. Renuka gets worried and thinks does he like boys, if not girls. She gets worried for him and follows him one day.

She sees him with a guy, hugging and having a laugh. She gets tensed seeing him and starts believing he is gay. Sid makes the guy meet Renuka. The guy says we are getting married, please come to bless us and gives her the marriage invitation card. She is shocked and thinks how can Sid marry a guy and starts crying. The guy leaves and Renuka asks Sid how can he marry a guy, did he not think what will the society name him, how can he do this with his mum. Sid laughs off and before he could explain her everything, she does not listen and Sid leaves holding his head.

Kaka is very happy that Astha is bringing a change in the house. He tells this to Anjali. Astha meets Anjali and tells her that she will show everyone what a golden heart she has. Anjali comes to know Astha is behind all the changes happening and asks her not to do anything that can make her life even more worse. Astha promises that she won’t let Niranjan hurt her again, and will always pop up in between them if need arises. Astha hugs her calling her Aai. Anjali gets glad.

Astha looks at the dress kept on the bed and thinks Shlok brought it for her. She says, it is one piece small nighty. She wears it and just then Shlok enters the room. He looks at her and feels love for her. He takes her in his arms and kisses her. They get romantic. They spend the night together. Shlok starts missing Astha in office and thinks to make her come back again. He talks to Niranjan about this matter and asks him to grant permission to take Astha again to office. Niranjan agrees infront of Shlok.

He then talks to Anjali and asks her to burden Astha with so much household chores, that she does not get time to work in office. He asks Anjali to make Astha her shadow. Astha hears this and thinks if Niranjan has a problem with her going to office, then she will surely go. Astha brings another change in the house by making Niranjan quit potatoes eating, which he likes the most. Anjali comes to know this and feels Astha is very naughty. Sid tells his feelings for Jyoti to Ajju and Kalindi, and they are really happy, and wish him all the best. Astha suggests everyone to keep Jyoti’s godh bharai ritual.

Niranjan asks Anjali to invite Sulbha. She comes in the function and cuts the rope of the chandelier to fall on Jyoti to kill her baby. Sid sees it and saves her in the nick of the time. Astha tells everyone that she doubts Sulbha to be behind this. Shlok comes to meet Sulbha and scares her asking her to stay away from Jyoti. Sid proposes to Jyoti. Sid says I want to accept you with your daughter, tell me what is your answer. She says my answer is no. Astha comes and thanks Sid for saving Jyoti’s life. Sid leaves being upset with Jyoti’s reply.