Durga tries to expose Rajnath-Raima affair to Sakshi but Shaurya fails her plan in Ek Haseena Thi

In the board meeting at the Goenka office, Dayal asks Rajnath to keep Shaurya away from Durga. Shaurya is shocked and gets raised on him. Rajnath gets tensed. Dayal says he does not like if Shaurya comes closer to Durga, as he is very protective about Durga, and having heard many things about him, he does not want to take any chance. Sakshi says yes we understand, don’t take this seriously, our relationship will be profession. He leaves with Durga. Shaurya fumes and says I m Shaurya Goenka, the most eligible bachelor, he thinks I m not fit for his daughter, why. Sakshi says as you have raped a girl. Shaurya gets much angry.

Durga misses Payal a lot, and cries thinking how everyone they trusted, were bought by Sakshi and how they went against in the court to give the statement in favor of Shaurya, everyone have ruined Payal’s image talking ill about her character. She cries thinking Payal is in this state only because of Shaurya and his friends, who have gang raped her. Shaurya comes to his room and talks to himself saying Durga you can’t do this, you are only mine. Rajnath comes to him and hears this.

Rajnath asks Shaurya is there any reason, to be true to him and don’t say that you love her and can’t live without her. Shaurya says I had a bet with my friends for Rs 5 crores, that I will get Durga on my bed. Rajnath is shocked and laughs. He says if you had the bet, then you have to win, sometimes ask me what to do, your problem is Durga knows you are desperate. He says hurt Durga that she gets much pain. He says then see she will come running to you to share her pain.

Shaurya gets happy with Rajnath’s tips and calls Durga. She does not take his call. He messages her saying he is going to meet Payal, she can come there if she wants. Durga is shocked and runs to stop him from meeting Payal. Durga stops Shaurya and he tells her that he is not a rapist and gives some documents as proofs. He shows her the statements of everyone who spoke against Payal in the court. Durga thinks of those moments and gets angry. He says you don’t trust me now, fine, see this, its Payal’s statement who accused me of rape. Durga thinks about the court hearing. Payal said Shaurya did not rape her. We love each other. It all happened by my wish. Payal apologized to everyone and said she wants to marry Shaurya.

Durga thinks Payal took the blame back as she was helpless seeing everyone going against her. She thinks Shaurya won the case, but he will not win this war. Raima comes to meet Sakshi and asks her to meet Babjee, who is the connecting link between Durga and Divya. Sakshi goes to meet him. She sees him holding glasses and a book and doubts does he see everything. Durga comes them and covers the matter saying its her dad’s. Sakshi tells Babjee that she will find his daughter Divya in 48 hours. Sakshi asks Akash to find Divya soon. He makes the posters and sticks in the city.

Durga thinks to divert Sakshi’s attention from Divya and tells Dayal that its time to use her backup plan. She tries to expose Raima and Rajnath’s love affair. She fools Sakshi showing she is going to meet Shaurya ar the farmhouse. Sakshi runs to stop Shaurya thinking he may rape Durga as he raped Payal, and then they may lose Dayal’s big deal. Sakshi reaches there. Raima and Rajnath get tensed hearing her in the farmhouse. Rajnath hides Raima and tries to send off Sakshi from there. Shaurya too comes there and sees Raima. He understands whats going on and covers Rajnath’s affair cleverly infront of Sakshi. Rajnath thanks him. Shaurya tells him that he will take the favor when the right time comes.

A man Jagga gets Divya seeing her teaching at a school and kidnaps her. He calls Sakshi and Akash and asks them to bring the rs 10 lakh reward and take Divya. Sakshi leaves with Akash to bring Divya. Durga comes to know that Sakshi is going to take Divya and rushes to save Divya from here. She shifts Babjee from the old age home thinking Sakshi can harm him too. Will Durga be able to save Divya from Sakshi on the right time? Keep reading.