Saras and Kumud gets saved from Prashant; Anushka gets mysterious and cheats Kabir in Saraswatichandra

Saras and Prashant have a strong fight, where no one is willing to lose, as Prashant is crazy for Kumud and Saras truly loves her. Saras gets the phone as it falls between the fight. He calls Danny and tells the address of the place, so that they can come soon and rescue him and Kumud from Prashant and Mahesh’s clutches. He says lets see Mr Vyas, how much you love your wife, how much pain can you bear for her. He starts beating Saras with the rod. Saras stands bearing the pain. Kumud says what you both did, you will be surely punished. Lord will not leave you. Mahesh slaps her.

Saras sees Kumud falling unconscious and holds her face. Prashant scolds Mahesh and says I will kill you, how dare you slap her. Saras holds Mahesh’s neck and says how dare you touch Kumud and beats him. Mahesh holds Saras and Prashant uses chloroform on Saras to make him unconscious. Prashant tells Mahesh that they will hide Saras in the wall just like they did with Pooja. They drag Saras and put him inside the wall. Prashant says one wall secret hidden in another wall, now no one can come in between me and Kumud, she is just mine. Prashant says bye Mr Saraswatichandra Vyas. Mahesh and Prashant were fleeing with Kumud, but stop seeing Danny and Kabir.

There is another fight sequence between Danny – Kabir and Prashant – Mahesh. Danny and Kabir ask them about Saras and they don’t tell anything. They free Kumud and she runs to find Saras in the house. She looks everywhere and cries. Kabir says tell me where is my brother, I will kill both of you. Kumud breaks the lock with a metal vase. Prashant says it looks like all Vyas brothers will die by my hands. She thinks about Prashant hiding the dead body of Pooja behind the wall and gets alert and checks all the walls. Her hand gets wet paint and she knocks that wall.

She says I know Saras you are here, I will bring you out. Saras is shown inside unconscious. Kumud breaks the wall and drags Saras out. Danny is about to run his car on Mahesh and he tells him everything about Saras in the wall. The police comes and arrests them. Danny and Kabir come to Kumud and see Saras unconscious. They put water on Saras and he opens his eyes asking is Kumud fine. They have a hug and come back home. Danny calls Kusum and tells that Saras and Kumud are fine. Kusum tells this to Vidyachatur and family. Saras and Kumud pack their bags to go back to Ratnagiri.

Anushka is also in love with Kabir and calls Vidyachatur to arrange a surprise meeting with Kabir. Everyone come back to Ratnagiri. Everyone is very happy seeing Saras and Kumud back. Vidyachatur laughs and says your marriage talk is going to be fixed today, as we chose a girl for you. They ask him to meet the girl once. Kabir refuses but they insist. Kabir comes in his room and does not see her face. He says I can’t marry you, its not your mistake, actually I love someone else. He says I can’t cheat you.

She turns and he is surprised happily to see its Anushka. He hugs her and they smile. Saras looks into his eyes and says he did not do anything special for Anushka. Kumud says how can he, his love is special, she is lucky to get him. Kabir says Anushka whats love and relations, this I did not know, and learnt having come in this family, I did not think a stranger will be so important to me that everything will look incomplete without her, the fear of losing you told me you are very important to me.

He asks will she come in his life, will she marry him. Anushka nods yes. Saras and Kumud get into a cute fight because of them and stop Kabir and Anushka from meeting. Kabir and Anushka meet and have a hug. Anushka goes to meet someone lying to Kumud that she is going to temple and Saras sees her going. Anushka tells someone that work is done, Kabir and his family are trapped in our plan.Guniyal keeps a puja at home as everything is going on well. The girls get ready and the guys try to get a glimpse of them. Who is Anushka meeting and why? Keep reading.