Durga rushes wounded Dev to hospital and understands Shaurya is behind this murder attempt in Ek Hasina Thi

Dayal gets furious and asks Durga not to prove anything to Shekhar. Shekhar asks Dayal to clear the doubt, if they go, it will be proved I m right and this girl is wrong. Durga says no dad, he is right, I have to clear the doubt from everyone’s mind, and if you are with me, I m not afraid of anyone, I told you that I will not let anyone point finger on you. Shekhar says wow uncle, strange, you both are nervous as you know she is not real Durga. Durga sits and shows her birth mark to everyone which shocks Shekhar and Sakshi. Durga and Dayal think how they were informed by Akash about this plan, and they have morphed Durga’s pics with Nitya’s birthmark and made him a big fool. Shekhar says trust me, this can’t happen. Dayal slaps him hard and says enough your nonsense. Shekhar says trust me, she told me she is not real Durga.

Shaurya beats him. Sakshi thinks is he out of his mind, maybe he was fooling me and I became a fool in his words, what a mess. Sakshi calls the security and Shekhar leaves. Durga says don’t show me fake love, my name is Durga Thakur. Durga questions all the Goenkas who were doubting her because of some photos which Shekhar has stolen from her home. She fumes on Shaurya and says I saw a question in your eyes, that maybe Shekhar is right. She says Shaurya, you call me your friend and in your presence, my identity was questioned. Durga says who is Shekhar to come here and point on me, unless someone here is helping him. She says the cancer project deal is with you, but I won’t be related to you personally. I will never enter this house again.

Durga and Dayal leave from there in anger. Rajnath talks to Sakshi and says Shaurya has a bet with his friends for 5 crores, for getting Durga, so let him win, don’t take any step against Durga now. She says he is still betting on girls, I m afraid for him. Shaurya hires a contract sharp shooter Elena for killing Dev. He introduces her to all his friends and makes a good plan to call Dev at highway and shoot him. Durga meets Payal and is happy with her improvements. She shows her Dev’s pic and Payal says sunshine, the name which Dev kept for him. Dayal asks Durga to think about Dev again, as he feels Dev is not a bad guy. Dev comes to meet Durga and apologizes to her for what happened. He speaks his heart out and Durga forgives the Goenkas and agrees to go and meet them personally.

Shaurya makes the extortion call to Rajnath asking for Rs. 20 crores. Sakshi is tensed and gets worried for Shaurya, who is not at home. Rajnath calls the commissioner and asks him to investigate. Durga comes to meet them and apologizes for her angry behavior. She gets to know about the extortion calls and is puzzled. She asks Akash to find out soon. Dev tells Durga that he will drop her home and leaves. Shaurya calls Sakshi and she informs him that Durga came home and now Dev has gone to drop her. Shaurya is angry on Dev. Shaurya calls Dev to make the extortion demand of Rs 20 crores and asking him to save Shaurya. Dev panics and Shaurya laughs. He tells Elena her target is coming. Dev drives to save Shaurya. Durga gets worried knowing about Dev risking his life to save Shaurya.

Dev comes on the highway and stops by the tree planted to stop his car. Dev comes out to see and Elena aims at him, while Shaurya eyes him from far. Elena shoots Dev and he falls. Shaurya says he is moving and still alive, shoot him more. Elena shoots thrice at Dev and he ultimately loses senses. Shaurya goes to Dev smiling and says now he can’t survive. Shaurya comes home and does the drama at home showing he is much concerned for Dev. Durga tells Dayal that Dev is no answering her call and she is having an intuition he is not well. She looks for him on the highway and is shocked to see him wounded. Dayal and Durga rush him to the hospital and informs Suchitra.

The Goenkas are shocked and Rajnath calls the CBI to find out who has shot Dev. Sakshi doubts Shaurya to be behind this, as she knows Shaurya hates Dev a lot. Dev’s pulse goes zero and the doctors try hard to save him. Shaurya prays that Dev dies. Raima comes and sees Shaurya crying and praying for Dev infront of Suchitra. Raima says Dev wanted to know the rape case truth by taking RTI files and Shaurya used to be angry on him, whats happening now, just look at him, we did not see him crying like this before. Durga hears this and understands Shaurya is after all this. Will Durga get to know Dev loved Nitya? Keep reading.