Abhay makes a comeback; Niranjan and Astha challenge each other on Jyoti’s marriage matter in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir

Sid comes to the hospital and is glad seeing Jyoti and her baby daughter. Astha talks to him and asks him to leave now, as it will be a problem if anyone sees him. Varad tells Astha that he is going to shop clothes for the baby. Anjali thanks Bappa for Jyoti and her daughter’s safety. Shlok comes home and yells on Anjali for risking Jyoti’s life. Anjali gets hurt and Niranjan calms down Shlok. Shlok says I hate you Mrs. Agnihotri. Shlok says till Anjali stays here, Jyoti is not safe, don’t take her side, make her leave this house, we don’t need her. Niranjan holds him and says its not easy to make anyone leave this house, she has given me a son like you. Niranjan punishes Anjali not to see Jyoti’s daughter.

Anjali cries. Jyoti tells her daughter that we would have not been here, if Sid was not there, Lord sent him in our life like an angel, thanks will be less to say, but I will thank him. Jyoti comes home with everyone and Anjali stops her at the door to do aarti. Shlok asks her not to do this drama and asks Astha to do the aarti. Astha does it and welcomes Jyoti inside. Everyone is happy with the baby entering their lives. Niranjan asks Anjali to prepare Jyoti to go with Abhay, as he is freeing in two days. Sid comes to meet Jyoti, and tells how much he loves her and was worried seeing her in hospital. He asks her to admit her feelings for one time, as he wants to hear it. Jyoti tells him that she loves him a lot. Astha and Anjali hear this. Anjali gets shocked as she did not know anything about them.

Anjali asks whats this, Jyoti is mad, this is wrong. Astha says yes, Jyoti said this for first time, don’t you think you saw her happy from heart, does she not have right to be happy. Anjali says you go and explain her, if Niranjan knows this, he will kill them. Anjali says but I m orthodox, Jyoti will get husband but will Pari get a father. She says once he gets his child, he will not care for her. Astha says bad days of Jyoti’s life are gone, I m sure Sid will keep them happy. Anjali says second marriage is not easy and Niranjan won’t let this happen. Anjali talks to the pandit for the naming ceremony function. Anjali gets all the items mentioned by him. The naming ceremony begins and Jyoti names her daughter Anaya, which Anjali said to Astha. Abhay walks in and says she is my daughter.

Jyoti is shocked seeing him and starts crying. Shlok supports her and asks Abhay to leave. Abhay puts all the blame on his Bua and says he never wished to hurt Jyoti and his child. Shlok asks Anjali is she happy now? He says he is out of jail because of you. Jyoti scolds Anjali for putting her in hell by freeing Abhay. Abhay requests Shlok and Niranjan to let him see his daughter once. Niranjan allows him. Abhay sees his daughter and Shlok asks him to leave now. Abhay requests them to give him one more chance and let him take Jyoti. Niranjan says I will think about this again, seeing Jyoti’s state, I m her father and I worry for her the most. Jyoti says I won’t let that devil’s shadow fall on my daughter. Jyoti thinks about Abhay’s tortures and cries. Abhay talks to Bua and says my head is aching by crying.

She says why did you do so much acting. He says I felt if I blame you, they will send Jyoti, but Baba took time to think, will they send her, she is my wife. Niranjan is in his room and says Shlok, this is first time you doubted on my decision, I have to end this matter soon and Jyoti should leave. Sid and Jyoti have some romantic secret meetings. Anjali sees them hugging and hears Sid talking. He says I know we are right, then why to run, I can’t hurt your family to give you happiness. I don’t want to do anything which can defame my love, I know its hard to make them agree, but we will pass this phase smiling. Anjali smiles hearing this and says Sid I m sure now that you will keep my daughter happy.

Niranjan asks Shlok to test Abhay, and if he passes, then they can send Jyoti to him. Shlok agrees to this idea. Niranjan and Astha have an open challenge about Jyoti. He says be in your limits, I promise you Jyoti will go with Abhay, this is my command and my duty, I hope you will obey me, as my command can’t be change by anyone. Astha promises him that she won’t let Jyoti go from this house. Shlok tries to convince Jyoti to go back to Abhay and they will keep an eye on him, but she refuses and tells him how Abhay tortured her for money.