Jyoti refuses to go with Abhay; he angrily kidnaps Anaya; Shlok beats and exposes him in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir

Sid tells his mum Renuka about Jyoti. Renuka is stunned and scolds him for falling in love with a married woman who has a daughter too. She is angry on him, as she dislikes Jyoti knowing she ran from her husband’s house. He says she will be happy when she meets Jyoti. Niranjan says a man knows very well a woman’s place is at his feet and how to keep her as a mute animal, Jyoti is saying a lot these days and this is not right, Abhay knows how to control her. Jyoti cries in her room thinking how Abhay used to torture her. Sid calls her and says I won’t let you go back to Abhay, you are only mine, and Abhay does not have strength to take you from me.

Shlok cancels all his meetings and thinks he will take Astha with him, so that she can see the truth with her eyes. Astha asks Jyoti to take tough decision, so that everyone knows its your life and no one has a right on you, if you become strong and decide you won’t go with Abhay, no one will dare to force you. Abhay and his Bua is happy as he gets a good proposal from a rich NRI girl. Niranjan comes to know of Shlok’s plan and informs Abhay to be careful and not to fall in his trap. Shlok fixes Abhay’s meeting with that girl and her parents. Abhay acts clever and knows Shlok and Astha are watching him.

He apologizes to those people and says I can’t marry her, though she is nice, as I m married, and have a daughter, I love my wife a lot. Astha says he was acting, don’t tell me you believe him. Astha comes home and tells Anjali that Shlok tested Abhay, don’t know what he will decide. Shlok says you were right as always Baba, Abhay has really changed and now we can send Jyoti with him. Anjali says Shlok can’t take wrong decision, I know Niranjan will do something to influence his decision. Astha tells Anjali that Shlok is taking me office for an important meeting, intentionally as I should not be at home, but you will be here alone, please manage and take care of Jyoti. Jyoti calls a lawyer.

He gives her the divorce papers and signs on it. Niranjan looks at Anjali and asks whats this papers. The laywer says divorce papers. Niranjan takes the papers from Jyoti and scolds her asking is she mad, what is this joke. She shouts that she can’t be with Abhay now, she has decided she won’t go with Abhay. Abhay says I know I gave you every reason to hate me, but trust me, I have changed and I promise I will not hurt you. Abhay comes forward to take Jyoti and holds her hand dragging her. Anjali stops Abhay and says my Jyoti won’t go anywhere leaving this house.

Niranjan looks shocked. Astha and Shlok come home and see her saying this. Jyoti hugs Anjali and apologizes to her for not understanding her till now. Niranjan gets very angry and Shlok feels Anjali and Atha have insulted him by not respecting his decision. Shlok and Astha have an argument and Astha decides to prove Abhay’s truth to him. Astha takes Jyoti to the hospital for Anaya’s vaccine and Sid comes there to meet her. Abhay comes there and sees her with Sid. Abhay taunts Jyoti and is about to beat her, but Sid stops him. Abhay asks since when is she having an affair. Jyoti slaps him.Niranjan gets angry on Anjali and says he will punish Astha now.

He says I told you to make Astha like you, I will now make my Shlok like me, Niranjan Agnihotri.Jyoti stands outside to take an auto and Abhay kidnaps Anaya and runs. Astha and Jyoti go to Shlok’s office and informs him about Abhay kidnapping Anaya. Shlok says how dare he and goes home to tell this to Niranjan. Niranjan thinks Abhay is such a big fool to do this mistake. Niranjan blames Anjali and says you have a father mad, he will do this all because of you, he is mad and took his daughter. Astha says no, he does not want daughter, he wants money. Abhay calls Jyoti and laughs and says he is not interested in girls, girls are burden on fathers, as you are on your father.

Jyoti says I beg you don’t do anything to her, give me back. Abhay says free? No way, and blackmails Jyoti asking her to get Rs 1 crore from Niranjan. Everyone is shocked and can’t believe Jyoti and Astha were right about Abhay. Jyoti takes the money to Abhay and Shlok also comes there. He gets angry seeing Abhay’s true side and beats him. Abhay runs hearing the police siren. Shlok brings Jyoti and Anaya home. Anjali hugs Jyoti and cries. She pacifies her that everything will be fine now and she has to lead a strong life by protecting her daughter always. Abhay calls Niranjan and both have a verbal fight, becoming rivals now.

Abhay is angry too and says Niranjan Agnihotri, you were making a way or you, not me, you are a cheap man, now I will show you how I change things to my side, I will take revenge, you love your respect and now I will ruin it, now you will know you became my enemy. Niranjan says stop this nonsense, talk to me with respect. Abhay says now you don’t have any option, see how I ruin your family. Niranjan thinks to make Shlok come on his side and talks to Shlok by praising Astha. What will happen next in Jyoti’s life? Keep reading.