Sandhya and Zakir tensed about Operation Grahan; Bhabho asks Meenakshi to sign divorce papers in Diya Aur Baati Hum

RK fools Sandhya and Zakir and uses the chemical gas on them. Zakir faints and Sandhya covers her face with her saree. She stops RK form running, but he pushes her and she gets affected by the gas. RK leaves out to make a call to Disha from the PCO. He asks her to keep the doll at the fair ground. Disha is stunned as she has kept the doll at Sooraj’s shop. She rushes to take it back. RK goes back to the house and acts like he too fainted. Zakir and Sandhya wake up and are happy that RK is still in their custody. Sandhya thinks as she has seen him going out. Sooraj and Sandhya greet Babasa and he blesses them and gifts them.

Sooraj says sorry, we can’t tale this gifts this time, as if its injustice happening with someone, we can’t be happy. Prema tells Vikram that Meenakshi loves him a lot, and she did all this to get his love, its still time, he can change his decision. Vikram says relations are made my love and trust. I felt all this only by you. Disha sees folk dance going on and asks Sooraj to get Pari and Misri saying they will be happy seeing this. Sooraj says yes and brings the kids. Disha cleverly takes the doll from Misri and smiles. Meenakshi’s mum comes and Babasa asks her to take Meenakshi. Meenakshi says she won’t go, only her dead body will go from here.

Meenakshi goes to commit suicide again. Her mum asks her to come down. Sandhya thinks how to save her and shouts Meenakshi. Babasa asks her to come down for Misri. Meenakshi and everyone then do the puja. Sandhya gets some glimpses of seeing RK gone outside and thinks how did he come back, did he really go out. She gets a doubt that she should check RK’s hand as she has held it for long. Sandhya comes to Zakir and tells him her doubt of RK going out and coming back to fool them. He sees his shoes and checks it. He sees the road tar on its back. They become sure that RK went out and came back to fool them.

They come to the PCO and confirm RK made a call. They come to know that RK has registered the number on her dad’s name. Everyone come in the Dusshehra Mela. Babasa shows Misri the Raavan and misses Prema. Meenakshi sees Prema there and is shocked. She tells everyone that Prema lied to them. They don’t believe her. Disha keeps the bomb doll in the Mela and leaves. The Rathi family sit near the doll. Sooraj sees the doll and shows Lohya. They find the bomb and throw it. The bomb exploded but everyone is safe. Sandhya gets a message on walky talky about the bomb blast.

Maya meets Disha and Prema and tells about Operation graham. She says the plan is to hijack an airplane, which will have Sooraj Rathi, this will ruin his name and the country. They smile. She says Sandhya Rathi is a brave police officer, whose duty is RK, she will give us RK with respect. She says the flight from India to Dubai will be hijacked, one side will be RK and other side will be her husband Sooraj, Sandhya has to agree to us. Sandhya doubts Disha as Sooraj says Disha was also with us. She goes to meet her but does not get any clue against her. Prema says Sandhya got her details and then she went. She says RK did right as he used our real identity.Bhabho comes home and Meenakshi tells about Vikram and Prema.

Bhabho is shocked knowing Babasa is supporting Vikram. Sooraj asks Bhabho not to forgive Vikram and scold him. A lawyer comes with divorce papers for Vikram and Meenakshi. Everyone is shocked as he says Bhabho has made this. Bhabho asks Meenakshi to sign and she tears the papers. Emily asks Bhabho to think again, as she has always seen Bhabho taking decision for the house’s good, I m sure you will not take any wrong decision. Sandhya gets the CD from Maya disguised as old woman. They play the CD and come to know about operation grahan. The SP says the man is planning to do something really big, and we have to be alert, no one should reach RK, increase the security.

Disha gives money to Prema. Prema smiles holding the money. Someone knocks the door. She is shocked to see Bhabho, Vikram and Babasa. Bhabho walks inside the house and Prema gets tensed. Bhabho packs her bag and takes her home. Meenakshi scolds Prema and takes her money bag. Prema gets tensed as Bhabho keeps the bag in her cupboard and thinks how to take it, as the mission will end in six days and she needs that money. Zakir and Sandhya wait for the sketch to be made. He says this sketch does not match anyone, I have seen all criminal records, the lady has given this, it proves she is not an ordinary criminal and we don’t have the records. How will Zakir and Sandhya stop RK and his operation Grahan now? Keep reading.

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