Ayesha gets intentionally kidnapped to save Pankhudi; Adi glad as Pankhudi gets conscious in Pyaar Ka Dard Hai

Anshul, Sahil and Sangeeta team up to kidnap Pankhudi, as Adi has gone to meet Ayesha. Ayesha shows him the sketch and says his face meets with Anshul’s. Sangeeta uses the chloroform in everyone and makes them sleep. Rubel is busy in work and she could not make him unconscious. Rubel gets Ayesha’s call who asks him to go to Pankhudi’s room, we are coming, the driver is not a right man. Rubel says fine and rushes to see Pankhudi. Rubel opens the door of Pankhudi’s room and is shocked.Adi and Ayesha, come home with the police. Sawant sees the security guards unconscious by chloroform effect. Adi and Ayesha are shocked. Sawant asks them to be careful. They go inside to see Pankhudi.

Rubel says she is here and they rush her to the hospital for her safety. Anshul and Sahil get caught by police, and Adi sees Anshul’s face. They run pushing them and take Ayesha as hostage. The police allows them to go to save Ayesha. Everyone keep high security for Pankhudi. Sahil and Anshul come dressed as doctors. Sahil says we stole Dr Rustam’s phone and now we will steal your Pankhudi too, sorry Aditya. Everyone do the Akhand puja in the house. Everyone pray for Pankhudi. Avantika gets a call from Adi. He says don’t worry, Rubel is in hospital. Sangeeta tells the constable to give these papers to Rubel, I can’t leave the patient. he calls Sahil and asks him to come fast, the way is clear now.

They come in Pakhudi’s ward and takes her on the stretcher. Ayesha comes there and is shocked seeing Pankhudi missing in her ward. She tells Rubel. They spot Anshul going and run after him. Rubel catches Anshul and gets Sahil’s call. Anshul pushes him off the stairs. Rubel asks the constable to close all exits. Rubel falls and is severely hurt. He gets unconscious. The trio hide from police checking and hide Pankhudi in the morgue for sometime. Ayesha follows them and takes Pankhudi’s place. They dress up as cleaners and take Pankhudi in the dustbin. They kidnap Pankhudi and are happy. Sangeeta says she has erased all proofs and they will not catch them now. Poor Pankhudi will not know that we are taking her so far.

Ayesha opens her eyes hearing them. Avantika says Dr. Rustam called and Rubel is critical. Sangeeta says who is that Burqa clad woman, who was always roaming there. Sahil says what do we have to do with her. Adi feels Pankhudi is still in the hospital. Adi comes in the morgue and sees all the bodies. He is stunned seeing Pankhudi there. He cries happily. He informs Sawant. Sawant sees the CCTV footages. The puja is done by Ambika and Diwakar who pray for Pankhudi. Adi takes her and does not see the Ayesha’s burqa there.

Adi says nothing will happen, I m with you and warms her hands. Pankhudi gets conscious and comes out of the coma. Pankhudi cries and says Adi. Adi is stunned hearing his name. He looks at her and they cry. He says Pankhudi and hugs her. Ayesha lies in the van and thinks who are they and what does they want. Everyone come and is happy to see Pankhudi in her senses. Adi says she is out of coma. Sawant says I saw Ayesha in CCTV footage, and she did not go out, just cleaning van went and kidnappers were in it, I doubt they have taken Ayesha instead Pankhudi. They are shocked. He says Ayesha is nowhere in this hospital.

Sangeeta says we have handled police so smartly. Ayesha thinks they are fools, as their band will be played now, as they have taken Ayesha, not Pankhudi. Adi asks Anuj and Payal what happened to Rubel. Payal cries. Adi asks whats the matter. Harish says his backbone is broken. Adi is shocked. Harish says his nerves is damaged and doctor said he can’t stand on his feet. Dr. Rustam says you guys got it wrong, I said there are chances, let the reports come, I was just warning you. Adi says you have to make him fine. Nilofer comes there and confronts Nani about Ayesha. Pankhudi asks who is Ayesha.

Avantika says Ayesha is helping me in work and asks Nilofer not to worry. vantika says it’s a long story, Ayesha is your look alike. Pankhudi is shocked. Pankhudi asks but where did you get her. Adi says first thing is to get Ayesha back. Pankhudi promises Nilofer that they all will get Ayesha back. Everyone smile.Ayesha hears the people talking about the flat. Sahil gets angry on Sangeeta and says he is fed up of running. Anshul asks him to forget everything. Sahil says I can’t forget that one night. Ayesha thinks what is the matter and they are they after Pankhudi. What will Ayesha do now? Keep reading.

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