RK tries to elope and gets caught by Sandhya and Zakir; he gets shifted to secret cell in Diya Aur Baati Hum

Disha sends the cake to the jail for RK. RK makes his neighbor cell prisoner Gomes have the cake. Gomes is sugar patient and not allowed sweets. Gomes eats the cake and dies next morning. Sandhya and Sooraj give the gifts to each other and think they ordered the cake. They clarify and doubt who has sent the cake. They ask everyone in family who ordered the cake, and come to know they did not order it. Bhabho doubts RK has sent the cake as he was close to them. Sandhya gets the cake bill and calls on sender name. Disha comes and her phone rings. Everyone ask her about the cake. Disha says she has sent the cake and she has seen Sooraj writing Wo aini on his gift as special message, so she has written it on cake. Everyone is relieved and tease Sooraj and Sandhya.

RK takes the plastic cover of the gum. RK says he is having fresh air to stay healthy. He is taken back to the jail and sticks the plastic cover there to get some fingerprints of them at the security door. RK opens the door with the finger marks and gets freed from the jail. The constables come to meet RK. They call out his name and he is seen sleeping. Zakir and Sandhya call out Rajkumar. Sandhya goes in and is shocked seeing him run away and someone else in his place. RK runs from there in constable’s clothes. RK hides his face and gets his exit from the jail. RK comes out and says I m out now Sandhya.

He opens a car door and turns. Sandhya and Zakir reach there but does not see him. She shows it to Zakir and says the CCTV footage is showing he is still here. They are shocked. They look at the camera. She says how did this happen. Sandhya and Zakir see the CCTV footage and come to know the video was made to run in loop, some computer expert hacked your mobile. They see how RK came to know the code and see the footage. They see how RK got the code by using his cleverness. Zakir says no one can go by gate no.3 How did he leave. Sandhya says lets see the in and out register. They see the register and see the coffin name. Zakir says RK went out when the coffin came. The jailer says how can you be sure.

Sandhya explains that RK called those people here and they brought the coffin to get him. She says someone called Gomes’s family to come here and take his body, whereas the police would ask them to come at the hospital. She suspects RK’s network to be behind this and asks Zakir to come fast as they should go to the graveyard. They go there and reach the coffin. Gomes dead body is there and RK is not around. Sandhya asks her staff to check all vehicles. Zakir asks the men to put the grave back. They leave from there. Another procession comes and Sandhya sees the coffin. She notices it.

Zakir asks the staff to seal all routes. Sandhya asks about the coffin holes. Zakir asks why. She says Gomes coffin had holes and thinks. Zakir asks what happened. She says oh no and runs. She asks the men not to put the soil and stops them. She says get Gomes body out again. They start digging again. They open the coffin and bring Gomes out. Sandhya opens the coffin slab and they see RK. Everyone is shocked. RK opens his eyes and looks at Sandhya. They aim guns at him and arrest him. Sandhya tells Zakir that RK is not alone in this plan, someone is helping them.

He says I think there is someone and goes to see. RK looks on being in the jeep. Sooraj and Disha come there as part of Disha’s plan. RK threatens Sooraj to harm his family. Sooraj gets tensed and leaves. Sandhya pacifies Sooraj at home and they go to the temple to do the puja. Meenakshi gets jealous of Prema and goes to call her husband. She asks him to take Prema back. The man comes and beats up Prema asking her to come with him. Vikram comes to her rescue. The people also support her. Sooraj scolds the man.

The man tells everyone that Meenakshi called him. Everyone is shocked. Vikram gets angry on Meenakshi and starts hating her. Sandhya and Zakir talk to the SP and says we have to cut RK’s network with his helpers so that he can’t send messages, we have to shift him to some secret cell. SP says I like the idea, good job, but he is a dangerous terrorist and he needs high security. Will Sandhya limit RK’s terror and get him hanged to death? Will Vikram marry Prema? Keep reading.

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