Pankhudi is alive and brought to Diwaan Mansion; Ayesha prays for Adi and Pakhudi in Pyaar Ka Dard Hai

Kaira defends Ayesha and tells everyone the whole truth. She says Ayesha told me to tell you all and come to Mumbai to take a second opinion here with a good doctor. She wanted to keep the baby and Varun did not wish to take the risk, and this lead to the fight. I came Mumbai and she took appointments for my every checkup and did not make me feel lonely, she took all my troubles. Kaira says mum you should bless her, as she has saved my house twice from breaking. Payal says Kaira sent me money six months before to invest and tells everything. Everyone is shocked. Anuj says we did not tell you all about Payal, and Ayesha took the theft blame on her. Rubel says Ayesha united me and Payal, the credit which you all gave to Poonam.

Rubel says Ayesha made this plan with Nafisa to make Payal realize her mistake. Payal says what can I tell you now Ayesha, you did so much for me, and I m feeling very small. She says I told you such bad things, and you always did good for me. Sheela apologizes to Ayesha and cries. Ambika reacts to this and says Ayesha can never be like Pankhudi. She says if she knew everyone loves Ayesha here, she would have brought Poonam here for Adi. Adi questions Avantika and they admit that even Poonam knew this proposal matter. Nani tells everyone that Ayesha loves Adi a lot and everyone is shocked. Adi looks at Ayesha. Ayesha says she admits that she loves Adi, but she can’t put burden on Adi.

She says I know how much Adi loves Pankhudi. Ayesha says she is going from this city, sorry. Avantika accepts Ayesha as her bahu, but Adi is still thinking. Adi asks Ayesha does she really want to go. Ayesha leaves. Harish asks Adi to stop her. Adi says please don’t make it difficult for her. Poonam asks Ambika not to go. Nani also stops her. Ambika argues and says don’t take my Pankhudi’s name for Ayesha. Ayesha says she will stop Ambika and leaves. Ambika walks on the road where there are firecrackers being burnt. A rocket comes towards Ambika as led my mistake. Ayesha sees it and runs to save Ambika. She pushes Ambika on the ground and gets hurt. People say its good you saved your mum, else she would have been burnt by rocket, only a daughter can do this for her mum.

Ambika looks at Ayesha. Ambila starts liking Ayesha and apologizes to her. Adi tells Ayesha that he can’t give her Pankhudi’s pic. He can’t name this relation, but its honest and straight from heart, Pankhudi is my life partner, will be support me for life. He forwards his hand to her. Everyone looks on. Ayesha holds his hand and everyone is happy to welcome Ayesha in their family. The inspector says we will go to Diwaan mansion in one hour if our senior approves. Avantika says Pankhudi will always be with us. Rubel says the celebration will be grand. he inspector says lets leave and we hope Aditya is at home.

Harish and Nani start a program to bring back happiness. Everyone present a song item to welcome Ayesha in their family. Harish tells about Pankhudi. Avantika says life is returning back today. Adi and Ayesha come forward and look at each other. The police comes there with an ambulance. Adi in his heart says Pankhudi. Adi gets restless feeling Pankhudi around. The inspector says Mr Aditya Kumar. Everyone turn and is shocked. He shows Pankhudi’s pic. He says she was reportedly dead in Kullu’s landslide. They say Pankhudi is alive. Adi goes out to see. The inspector asks who is this lady. Harish says she is Ayesha. Everyone is happy knowing Pankhudi is alive.

Pankhudi is brought out of the ambulance. Adi sees her and is shocked. Aid brings Pankhudi in Diwaan mansion and they welcome her. Ayesha too keeps a smile on her face with tears in her eyes. Ayesha says stop and everyone look at her. She brings flowers and welcomes Pankhudi by showering it in her way. Everyone smile. They surround Pankhudi. Adi takes care of her sitting at her side. Rubel talks to Avantika and says sometimes it happens that victim does not get hurt in any dangerous accidents. Nafisa comes to Ayesha and Ayesha smiles saying she is fine, its Allah’s miracle and this family’s love to bring her back.

Nafisa asks is she really happy. Ayesha turns and cries. The inspector comes and says we suspect a foul play, someone has kept Pankhudi away from Diwaan Mansion. He says we wanted three thieves and I don’t know how they look and how they are, their identity change after every year. He says we got a lady in coma and we came to know she is Pankhudi. Avantika says maybe she was fine in village and then she went in coma. Rubel says Adi searched landslide area for two years. Avantika decides to protect Pankhudi now.Who kept Pankhudi away from the family? What will happen about Ayesha now? Keep reading.

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