Raman exposes Parmeet and sends him to jail in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman comes to meet Sarika and finds she is not at home. Sarika comes and Raman sees her. He thinks he saw her before with Parmeet. He doubts on Parmeet and thinks Ishita was right about him. The guard tells Sarika that Raman wants to meet her, she asks him not to let Raman inside as she does not want to meet anyone. The guard asks Raman to leave and gives her Sarika’s message. Raman thinks why is Sarika afraid of him. He leaves and comes home. He hears Parmeet threatening Sarika on phone to shut her mouth else he will kill his mum. Raman is shocked and thinks what a bad man is Parmeet to fall so low. He says I will not spare him for molesting my wife. Raman thinks to bring some proof and then catch Parmeet.

He thinks to meet Sarika again. Parmeet tells Simmi that they are leaving this house, as he has lost respect here, he can stay here as Raman is feeling he is guilty. Simmi cries and tells her decision to Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla tries to stop Parmeet but he is firm. Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi ask Raman to stop Parmeet. Raman says fine, I will talk to him. Raman comes to Parmeet’s room and exchanges his phone. He then talks to Parmeet and acts sweet as if he believes in him. He asks her to stay at home, but Parmeet refuses. Raman asks him to stay at home, till he comes back from office, as he wants to send him in grand way. Parmeet thinks why is Raman saying this and is puzzled. Parmeet gets tensed and wants to leave before Raman comes.

Raman meets Sarika and tells he is Ishita’s husband. He tells her that Ishita was kicked out of his house because she gave wrong statement in police station. He asks her to speak the truth. Sarika tells him Ishita is right and Parmeet molested both of them. Raman gets angry. Sarika tells about Dubai where she lost her job because of Parmeet. She tells him everything. Raman asks Sarika to come with him to tell this truth to everyone and expose Parmeet. Sarika agrees as Raman says he will free her from Parmeet and make him go to jail. Raman brings Sarika home while Parmeet was leaving. Parmeet is shocked to see Sarika. Sarika tells everyone Parmeet’s truth. Everyone is shocked.

Raman calls Ishita and her family. He asks Ishita to slap Parmeet. Simmi holds Ishita’s hand and says she will break her hand if she slaps Parmeet. Parmeet smiles seeing Simmi’s trust and taunts Ishita having an affair with her brother in law Bala. Raman and Ishita get angry. Ishita slaps Parmeet and Raman starts beating him. Raman calls him a stray dog who can’t be kept at home and calls police. The police comes and arrests Parmeet. Simmi cries and blames Ishita for everything. Ishita goes her Amma’s house. Everyone ask Raman to apologize to Ishita and bring her back home. Raman goes to talk to Ishita and they have some sweet talk. He apologizes to her and turns to go home. She says will you not take me. He smiles and she thanks him. They go home. Mrs. Bhalla is hurt seeing Simmi’s state.

Ishita supports Simmi and asks her not to worry about her daughter as Raman and she will always support her. Simmi meets Parmeet in jail who asks her to win Ishita’s heart so that they can take revenge at the right time. Simmi agrees being fooled in his house. Simmi comes home and acts normal. Mihir arranges a romantic date for Raman and Ishita and tells Raman it’s a business meeting and you should take Ishita along. Raman and Ishita agree to go. Ishita gets ready in the blue dress Raman gifted her. Raman finds her stunning and praises her good looks. They get locked by the family who goes to see the venue for Mihir’s engagement.

Raman and Ishita taunt each other with love. Ishita tells him she was once locked with Subbu at Bala’s house. Raman feels jealous and shows he is not affected. Ishita asks him about his love crushes in college. Raman cooks a fake love story and tells her that he loved a girl names Sonali whom he called Sona with love. Ishita too gets jealous and Raman smiles seeing her angry expressions. He makes her more jealous by saying how Sona came intimate to him. Is this the start of love between Raman and Ishita? Keep reading.