Durga wins to take revenge from Police commissioner Sahani in Ek Haseena Thi

Shaurya tells Durga that he wants to do something for the old man like returning his eye sight. Durga gets happy and they bring her to the eye hospital for treatment. The doctor does the tests. Shaurya asks him to hurry up with the surgery as he wants the old man to see the beauty of life very soon. Shaurya does this to gain an impression on Durga. Durga thinks Shaurya is a big fool as he is falling in her trap. She thinks when he comes to know that the old man is actually Babjee, what will he do. Babjee is the same man who asked his daughter who was Payal’s friend, to ggive statement against Shaurya in the court for the rape case.

Sakshi tries to bribe him but he did not sell his honesty. The Goenkas then kidnapped his daughter Divya and did Babjee’s accident to stop them from going to court. Sakshi and Raj comes to know about Shaurya’s good act and they reach the hospital with the media. Raj is really happy and praises Shaurya infront of the media. Sakshi asks Durga whats the name of the patient. Durga says Babjee and Sakshi is shocked. She thinks Shaurya has taken a big risk, how does this always happen when Durga is around. She starts doubting Durga and comes home. Raj and Shaurya come home happily. Sakshi tells them about Babjee being the patient and they are shocked.

She reminds them about Babjee and how they did his accident to get rid of him. She says he lost his sight because of Shaurya and today Shaurya returned his eye sight. She asks Shaurya to be careful. Dayal and Durga are happy. Shaurya thinks of Payal’s sister Nitya whom he finds very similar to Durga. Durga burns Nitya’s pic telling Dayal that Nitya failed and died, and Durga was born, who will only win and punish the Goenkas. Durga recalls how Nitya was running as Shaurya’s goons were to kill her. She met with an accident by coming infront of Dayal’s car. The goons felt she died and left. She was alive and Dayal took her to hospital. She fell on the stone and her face got damaged. Dayal gave Nitya a new face and names her Durga on Maa Durga’s name. Dayal gave her Maa Durga’s strength and made her fight with all injustice.

Dayal is proud of her and made her his daughter after knowing the injustice story done with Payal and her family. He supported her and brought her to Kolkata making her influential and settle her scores with Goenkas. They come to meet Payal and Payal calls Durga as Nitya. Durga lies to her that she is not Nitya and cries. Dayal asks her to have strength and focus on her revenge. Sakshi asks Akash to find every detail about Durga. Durga meets Shaurya’s girlfriend Avantika and tells her that Shaurya is getting married. Avantika calls Shaurya to ask him and he denies it. He tells her that he loves only her and plans a date with her late night. Avantika tells her father that she loves Shaurya and he loves her too, they want to marry.

Her father is the police commissioner of Kolkata, Mr. Sahani, who knows Shaurya is a rapist, he has shut his case as Sakshi bribed him. Nitya pleaded to him but he erased all evidences against Shaurya and proved him innocent. Sahani calls the Goenkas and Thakurs for dinner and asks them about Shaurya and Avantika’s marriage. They get shocked. Shaurya denies everything saying Avantika is just a friend. Avantika cries seeing Shaurya change. Sahani tells Goenkas that he knows Shaurya’s character certificate. Shaurya makes him quiet seeing Durga and leaves. Raj and Sakshi come home with Shaurya and scolds him for doing the same he did with Payal, but Avantika is not a driver’s daughter to keep quiet, she is commissioner daughter.

Raj asks Shaurya to have affairs but keep them private and not bring them to marriage level. Sakshi says its time for Shaurya’s marriage and Raima found a nice girl for him. Shaurya says he will not marry anyone. Durga says she pleaded to Sahani for justice and told him this can happen with his daughter too, but he was proud and confident and did not help Payal. Durga feels she has taken another revenge and won. Raj makes Sahani’s transfer from the city to save Shaurya. Avantika is about to kill herself but stops getting a letter from someone (Durga). Avantika asks Sahani about Shaurya’s truth and he tells everything abput him that he is a rapist and today he regrets for saving him. Avantika hugs her dad crying. They leave the city. Durga feels happy seeing Sahani’s state but feels bad for Avantika as she was innocent. Will Sakshi come to know Durga’s truth of being Payal’s sister Nitya? Keep reading.