Ghuman ties Kabir and Kumud to bomb and asks Saras to choose any one in Saraswatichandra

Saras hugs his mum’s pic and tells her that Kabir is alive and he will bring him back safely. He feels her pain what she went through when she came to know that she gave birth to a dead baby. Saras cries thinking how much her mum suffered because of Ghuman. He promises her that he will not let anything happen to Kabir. Kabir lands in UK. Saras and Kumud are getting ready to leave for UK. Badimaa gives strength to them and asks Saras to call Kabir. Saras calls Kabir and tells him that his life is in danger and Kabir does not hear him as some goons kidnap him. They take him somewhere and tie his mouth, hands and legs. Ghuman talks to Kabir on videochat.

She welcomes him in UK and tells him that she came to know his truth, she should have killed him when he was born. She says but you made my painting really beautiful. She says you have something in you that I fell for you, but you cheated me, no one can win over Ghuman. She tells him that he planned to kill her in UK, now she will kill him right on his birthday after 5 days. Saras and Kumud land in UK and start looking for Kabir. Kumud tells Saras that she saw a man following them. The man gives them a hotel card. Saras and Kumud reach the hotel and another man tells them that Kabir is in room 404. Saras and Kumud run there and till them Ghuman calls his men to shift Kabir somewhere else.

Kabir hears the talk and writes the location name on the wall. Saras and Kumud see the clue and go to that place. They try finding Kabir but does not get him. A woman sees Saras and eyes him. She starts flirting with him. She tells Saras that she knows where is Kabir and asks him to come with her alone. Kumud warns Saras not to go as she does not seem good, but Saras asks her to wait and he goes to find Kabir. The woman takes him somewhere and gets closer to him. Saras distances himself and leaves. Kumud follows them and sees them closer. She misunderstands Saras and gets annoyed. Saras clarifies to Kumud but she does not listen. Saras goes to buy flowers to make her happy and Kumud follows the woman and sees her flirting with some other man. She understands it was not Saras’s mistake and regrets.

She comes to say Saras sorry but they both have lost touch. Now they start finding each other. They can’t meet and the search is long. They think where did they go and cry. Kumud leaves a message in a bottle and makes it flow in a lake. Saras gets the bottle and gets her message. He looks for her a lot but does not get her. Kumud sees a man singing on mike and asks him to let her make an announcement as she lost her husband and he will trace her once he hears her. The man asks her to sing and Kumud sings Manna Mohana. Saraas is very far but hears her. He comes running to her. The song ends and they see each other. They run towards each other and apologize. They have a sweet hug. They see Kabir taken away by goons and run to save him. But the goons take him away. Kabir leaves a chit of the place.

Kabir’s birthday comes and Saras is worried that Ghuman can kill him today. Ghuman asks Kalika to separate Kusum and Danny. Kalika blames Danny for raping her, but no one believes her except Yash. Kusum believes in Danny and asks Kalika to do medical tests to prove herself right. Kalika gets tensed and admits to them that she lied as Ghuman made her do this. Danny is shocked. Saras and Kumud atlast find Kabir at a godown where he is tied to bomb. Kabir asks them to leave as Ghuman may kill them too. Saras refuses and is hit by the goons. Kumud is also to the bomb chair. Ghuman talks to Saras on videochat and asks him to save anyone who is more lovable to him, as if he saves one, the other will die. Saras cries looking at them. Kabir and Kumud asks Saras to save the other one. Saras is confused and at the same time angry on Ghuman. What will Saras do now? How will he save Kabir and Kumud? Keep reading.