Eiza Gonzalez on makeup: Less is more for me

Actress Eiza Gonzalez is a big fan of experimenting with her beauty regimes, and she likes to put on minimal makeup.

“It’s really become less is more for me. Obviously when you’re younger, you feel excited about the fact that you can wear makeup and start doing adult stuff. I really took advantage of that growing up,” the actress said.

She added: “And then, now, to me it’s just about feeling more comfortable in my skin and experimenting. I don’t like to always play it safe. I’m getting older and becoming more versatile, more multifaceted when it comes to my look.”

Changing one’s look is one of the “coolest things” one can do as an actress, she said.

“I think that’s one of the coolest things about being an actress, playing with your image, changing your look around, and become different people,” said Eiza.

She added that she likes to try different hairstyles, too.

“It’s the same with hair, I like to play with it. I go short. I go long. I go blonde. I go brunette. I enjoy just becoming different women,” she said.

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