Astha shocked to know about Shlok’s love for Swati in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

To start with the first episode of the week, it started with a fuming Abhay coming to know that Astha has stopped his cheque from clearing. He is much annoyed knowing Astha got 50% share in the company and gets angry on Astha. Astha asks him to give her an explanation of his expenses. But he refuses and asks her to mind her own business. He says don’t dare to question me about my project. Shlok comes and hears all this. Shlok asks Astha to sign on the cheque and give him. Abhay thinks Niranjan did not do this right with him by making Astha the partner in the company. He says now I have to show them what a son in law can do. He goes to Jyoti and hurts her informing her Astha. Jyoti cries on her fate.

Later on, Abhay comes to know by his mum that Jyoti is expecting and her Guru ji said this time it will be a son. Abhay and his mum are very happy. Abhay’s mum asks him to deal with Jyoti with love and care. She asks Jyoti not to do his household work as she will take good care of her. Abhay brings a bouquet for Jyoti hearing the good news. Abhay starts caring for Jyoti which makes her wonder why has Abhay and his mum changed so suddenly. Abhay says thanks for giving me a son soon. Jyoti is shocked. She is afraid that even this time if there is a daughter again, then Abhay won’t spare her. Jyoti wishes that Abhay’s dream of getting a son is fulfilled this time.

On the other hand, Astha and Shlok have an argument working in the office. Some reporters come to take their interview and are asked about their knowledge about each other. Shlok gets angry when he is asked about his first love. He recalls about Swati and leaves in anger. Astha thinks what happened to Shlok. Varad decides to bring Shlok and Astha together and plans a Valentine’s surprise for them. He asks Shlok and Astha to reach the venue lying to them that they have to go there for his sake. Astha and Shlok agree.

Sojal locks Astha in her room seeing her leave on the Valentine’s day. But still Astha gets free and reaches the venue. Shlok and Astha are shocked to see each other. Shlok ruins the place thinking about Swati. He looks at Astha and imagines Swati. He breaks down in love and hugs Astha thinking she is Swati. He says I love you Swati, why did you leave me. Don’t leave me, don’t go anywhere. Astha is shocked hearing this and moves away from him. She says I m not Swati, I m Astha. She was feeling his love and getting painted in his love but the moment she hears Swati’s name, she is hurt.

Astha leaves in anger and comes home. Shlok is much drunk and thinks about Swati. Its raining and Shlok sits in the rain outside the house. Astha sees him getting drenched and takes him inside to his room as Anjali does not help Shlok even after seeing his state. Shlok gets fever and Astha takes care of Shlok and sits by his side all day and night. Niranjan and Anjali are happy to see that Astha still cares for Shlok and it means she has love in her heart for Shlok. Niranjan and Anjali try to bring Astha and Shlok together and asks Astha to stay with Shlok in his room. Astha agrees and this annoys Sojal.

Astha gets Shlok’s diary in which he writes only about Swati and his love for her. Astha is shocked to see the lovely side of Shlok. She can’t believe how can a lovable person like him become so hard hearted and rude. She feels sorry for Shlok and says Shlok, you are not alone from now. She plans to be with him and change him for the good. Kalindi is worried about Astha as she thinks Shlok is not the right life partner for Astha. Avdhoot pacifies her. Astha asks Anjali about Swati but Anjali says I don’t know anything about her. Astha says I will have to find out about Swati and what really happened between Shlok and Swati. Will Astha get to know Shlok’s love story? Will Astha be able to change Shlok and grow her love in his heart? Keep reading this space for more updates next week.