Laxminandan chased by his past; on the verge on death in Saraswatichandra

Last week was the most anticipated wedding of the famous Jodi of Indian Telly Saras and Kumud. This week started with their Suhaagraat in the cloth factory where Saras and Kumud spend some romantic and sweet moments. In morning, they come back home and the men decide to cook for the day as per Kumud’s suggestion. Laxminandan tells everyone that he is happy to get two daughters at his home now and he hopes Ghuman understands this. The men start cooking. In the process of bringing Laxminandan and Saras together, Vidyachatur and Kumud plan to make them talk and end their dispute.

But Saras is adamant and does not talk to Laxminandan. While cooking, Laxminandan is about to be hurt by hot oil falling on him. Saras in the nick of the time saves him. Laxminandan is thankful to Saras and is happy feeling that Saras still cares of him. As Saras shouts dad, it means he loves his dad though he does not show. Saras is unable to forgive Laxminandan because of whom his mum committed suicide and left Saras. Kumud tries hard to explain Saras what Laxminandan means for him. She asks him not to lose a father, after losing his mother. Saras does not understand and is firm in his decision. Laxminandan seeing that his presence is ruining Saras’s happiness, decides to go back and leave from Ratnagiri.

Everyone try to stop Laxminandan, but Laxminandan says I m doing this for my son’s happiness. He says Kumud and Saras’s marriage is going through a sad phase because of me and I want them to be happy and enjoy their newly married life. Next comes the Valentine’s day which Saras forgets. Kumud keeps on reminding him indirectly but he does not understand. Later on, Saras comes to know from Danny that its Valentine’s day today. Saras says now I m gone, Kumud will say I have changed after marriage if I don’t give her any surprise. He plans a good surprise and comes home to make Kumud happy.

Danny also plans a cool surprise for Kusum and does the arrangements at the terrace. He sends Kusum at the terrace for some work. When she goes there, she is surprised to see the decorations. Danny gifts her a diamond ring and says I will give you diamonds on every valentine. Kusum is much happy and they have good time together. Saras and Kumud start celebrating the Valentine’s day by getting two love birds united. It is such special moments for everyone in love, be it humans or birds. Saras and Kumud are happy that they have done a good work by uniting the love birds.

They spend some time near the lake sitting in peaceful atmosphere. Kumud gets a call from Kusum that Laxminandan left and is going back to Dubai. Kumud is upset. Saras gets Danny’s call and is shocked to know that Laxminandan met with an accident. Kabir is the tattooed guy who hits Laxminandan by his car. He does not leave him bleeding on the road as he does not want to let him die easily. He takes Laxminandan to the hospital. Saras and Danny break down seeing Laxminandan’s state. They wish he gets well soon.

Everyone are shocked hearing about the accident and reach the hospital as soon as possible. Laxminandan is being treated in the operation theatre and everyone wait outside. Saras is tensed as he fears he will lose his father as well and thinks about Kumud’s words. Kabir meets everyone and tells them that he is the one who did the accident and brought Laxminandan to the hospital. Everyone get angry on him. Danny beats him. The inspector takes Kabir with him for questioning. It has to be seen how Kabir is related to Laxminandan’s past. Why is Kabir upto revenge with Laxminandan?

Kabir wears a mask and dresses like a doctor. When Laxminandan becomes conscious, he gives an injection to Laxminandan which makes him unconscious. Kabir wants to take revenge slowly by showing and making Laxminandan realize what he has done. Will Saras be able to save his father? Will Laxminandan survive? We have to see what Ghuman enters the show again. We will update you next week about the happening.