Sandhya proves her mettle in Diya Aur Baati Hum

There has been a lot of tension in the show in the last few episodes. But it was very catchy and keeping the viewers hooked with the suspense what will happen next. While everyone knows that at the end, the show’s lead always wins, but after facing a lot of obstacles. It is very interesting to watch how the lead face and get out of the problems by using their wit and strength. Sandhya, the female lead of the show is a proven example for the women in India. She dreams of becoming an IAS officer to fulfill her father’s desire. Soon after her parents die, her decision becomes more strong.

Sooraj, her husband supports her in her dream and says her dream is his dream and he would do anything for her. Sooraj is an example of an ideal husband and ideal son. He is the perfect man who does not have any ego and male jealousy thing in him. Sooraj and Bhabho go to visit Sandhya knowing about her pregnancy. But it turns out that she is not pregnant. Sandhya dreams of becoming a mother and is very happy, but her happiness goes when the doctor confirms the test results as negative. Even Sooraj and Bhabho get much upset but in order to make Sandhya happy, they hide their sadness and appear normal infront of Sandhya.

Sandhya is blessed to have a mum in law like Bhabho, who is like her loving mum. Bhabho and Sooraj leave and ask Sandhya to give her best in the training and to achieve the Best Cadet Trophy. Sooraj tells Sandhya some remarkable words to give her strength and inspiration. Sandhya constantly thinks of his words to get inspired and strong. Sandhya’s best competitor Zakir is always against Sandhya. He makes sure he does not leave any chance to taunt her and discourage her. Sandhya feels bad by his discouragement.

Zakir also plays some dirty games with Sandhya in order to make her lose every time. Sandhya on the other hand, tries her best to win and atleast reach to his level. Roma and Rahul become Sandhya’s friends. While they are having dinner in the mess, Rahul gets a naughty idea to pull Sooraj’s leg. He sends Sandhya stating some work and asks Roma to call up Sooraj and talk to him in Sandhya’s voice. Roma agrees and calls Sooraj. Roma and Rahul laugh while talking to Sooraj on speaker.

Roma asks Sooraj to send his photo wearing a green kurta which she likes. Sooraj gets fooled as he thinks its Sandhya talking to him. He happily agrees. Later, he comes to know by Bhabho that the green kurta is being washed. To keep Sandhya’s wish, he wears the wet kurta and takes his photo. He sends the photo to Roma. Roma and Rahul are shocked to see Sooraj wearing the wet kurta. They feel sorry for fooling Sooraj, as they made Sooraj wear a wet kurta in chilling weather of Pushkar.

Rahul and Roma decide to apologize to Sooraj. Roma calls Sooraj again and tells him that she was fooling him just to have some fun. Sooraj says you are Sandhya’s friends, so its like my friends, it does not matter, its ok with me. Sandhya hears this and gets worried for Sooraj. Roma and Rahul apologize to Sandhya and give her phone back. They ask Sandhya to continue talking to Sooraj. Sandhya is happy to see how much Sooraj loves her as he tells her that he can do anything to keep her words and wishes.

Also, shown this week was the exciting cycle race. The cadets are asked to choose only one position before the race and they have to come on the selected position, else they will be disqualified if they come prior or later than the selected position. Sandhya underestimates her capabilities and chooses the 28th position. She thinks she can win by choosing that place. Zakir changes the position to 18th and thinks now Sandhya will definitely lose. Sandhya is shocked to see that someone changed her position. She thinks now its difficult for her to win the race. But destiny has something else which he did not think. The race begins.

Sandhya works hard and impresses her trainer Mr. Roy and Officer Singh. Sandhya thinks about Sooraj’s words and that she has to keep his trust. She wins the race and comes on her 18th position. She informs Sooraj about her victory and he is much happy. What will Zakir do now? His jealousy and greed to win can make him do anything. Will Sandhya win the Best cadet trophy? Stay tuned to the show or keep reading here.