Aditi tries hard to kill Astha but fails in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir

Aditi wants to kill Astha to get rid of her and send her away from Shlok’s life. She does not even love Shlok and wants to take revenge from him. She wants to kill Shlok slowly making him realize his mistakes. Aditi sees Astha sleeping in the car and gets down the car and pulls up the hand brake. The car starts going and Shlok spots it. Aditi starts acting as if she did not do anything. Shlok runs after the car to stop it. Aditi thinks Shlok can’t save Astha this time and laughs. Shlok wakes up Astha and asks her to pull the hand brake. Astha starts crying and is tensed. She does not react to what he says and Shlok has to get into the car and pull the hand brake. Shlok saves her by stopping the car. Astha gets down and hugs him crying. Aditi comes to them running and is shocked to see Astha fine. She gets jealous and angry seeing Shlok and Astha together.

They go to the resort together. Shlok asks for two rooms and they get one cottage. Aditi says its fine, I will sleep on the couch and you can take the bed. But when the time comes, Aditi occupies the bed shocking Shlok and Astha. Jyoti runs away from Bua fooling her. Bua tries hard to find Jyoti but she can’t. She calls Abhay and tells him that Jyoti ran away. Abhay is shocked and gets angry on Bua for being so careless. Jyoti runs on the highway. She sees Shlok’s car and runs after it to stop him. Shlok does not see her and Jyoti is lost. Jyoti wanders alone on the roads and some goons see her and run after her. Jyoti tries to save her life and runs away from them.

She bumps into Sid who saves her from the goons. She faints and Sid brings her to his house. Sid thinks who is she and why is she in a problem like this. He thinks of getting the answers once she gets well. Jyoti falls in safe hands of Sid. Abhay calls Anjali to ask about Jyoti indirectly and also calls her friends to know whether Jyoti went to them. He comes to know that Jyoti did not go to her house and to her friends, he thinks then where did she go. He says he will find her at any cost and will not leave her. The hotel manager tells Shlok about the party going on behind the resort and they should attend it.

Shlok is not interested but Aditi insists and she takes him and Astha there. The party is not good and police raids there. Everyone run away and the police catch Aditi and Astha. She tells the police that she is Shlok’s wife and she does not know Astha. Shlok is shocked and does not understand why Aditi said this. Astha too is surprised seeing how clever is Aditi. Astha runs away from there as a drunk man holds her hand and takes her. Shlok looks out for Astha and asks Aditi to stay in the cottage. Aditi thinks of killing Astha and breaks a wine bottle to hurt her. Aditi sees Astha and comes to stab her. Just then Shlok comes and hugs Astha. Aditi has to leave from there.

Shlok brings Astha back to the cottage and they spend the night under the trees outside. Astha speaks her heart out that she does not want her marriage to end as she loves Shlok so much. Shlok hears all this and looks at her sadly as he can’t love her now. Astha and Shlok have an eyelock and feel closer. Aditi asks Shlok to take them for horse riding and convinces him. They go for the horse riding and Aditi makes Astha sit on an impulsive horse. The horse goes out of control and runs taking Astha. Shlok gets worried and takes another horse and follows Astha.

Aditi is happy thinking Astha won’t be saved this time. Shlok takes Astha and both of them fall in a jungle. Varad and Niranjan comes to know about this and Niranjan sends Varad to the spot. The police tries to find out Shlok and Astha. Shlok and Astha are safe and Shlok takes good care of Astha in the jungle and lifts her in his arms. They come home and Niranjan hugs Shlok and is much happy. Aditi is shocked to see Shlok and Astha back and fine. What will Aditi do now?? How will Shlok save Astha every time? Stay tuned to your favorite show Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir.