Raman agrees to Adi’s condition to win his love in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

This week started with Ishita telling everyone about Parmeet. Parmeet comes home and tells everyone that Ishita was actually helping him and Simmi. She brought home made food for them so that she can cheer up Simmi. He says Ishita also tried to take a big loan for his sake. Raman is ashamed that he had doubted on Ishita. Parmeet says ishuta was meeting them regularly and giving them strength to fight against wrong. He says that a woman working in his office charged him of sexual abuse and he lost his job. He further adds that no one was believing him and the woman has asking him Rs 15 lakh rupees. He says when he told the woman he has no money, she started blackmailing him and asking him continuously for money. The woman told him that she will take the case back only if he gives her the money. So, Ishita was making sure she gives him the money so that he can give it to her. Ishita helped Parmeet a lot as she trusts Simmi’s husband.

Parmeet is thankful to Ishita. Everyone feel how good is Ishita and she has been doing this for Raman;s family without letting them know the truth. Everyone ask Ishita why did she hide this from everyone. Parmeet tells them that he has asked her not to tell anyone as he was embarrassed and feeling guilty. He says he was not sure whether everyone will believe him or not. Mr. Bhalla says we all trust you and you should have told us before. Raman says why did he not ask him for help, he would have given him Rs. 15 lakhs. Parmeet gets happy as this is his plan to ease out money from them. He meets the woman somewhere and gives her Rs. 3 lakhs to keep her mouth shut. He scolds the woman for ruining his image. Parmeet was really involved with the woman. Simmi and everyone are not aware of his real face.

Ishita and Raman give their room to Simmi and Parmeet. Ishita makes them feel comfortable and asks them to ask her anything if they need help. Parmeet is bowled over by Ishita and starts keeping a bad eye on her. Though Simmi also does not know her husband’s real face, Parmeet acts sweet to her as a loving husband. Raman and Ishita have to sleep in the hall. Raman and Ishita have a cute scene. Raman gets back pain as his back hurts sleeping on the floor as he does not sleep on the floor daily. Ishita applies balm on his back after he removes his shirt. Raman looks dashing and Ishita can’t stop herself from staring at him. They then burn the holika along with everyone. The Iyers and the Bhallas meet and all of them have a great time.

Mr. Bhalla asks Raman to take Ishita with him in the holi event. Raman says he can’t, as Shagun and Ashok will be coming there. Raman does not play holi every year but this time he is going to play only for Adi. He plans to meet Adi there in the event. Mihika gets the contract of organizing the holi event. Mihika is worried and Rumi tells her that he can help her. Mihika is thankful to him and they both organize the holi event very well. Trisha comes to meet Mihir and Rumi locks her in green room thinking she is a dancer. Mihir rescues her from there and she hugs him shocking Mihika. Raman is shocked to see Ishita at the party. Ishita comes as Ruhi insists her to take her there. Simmi and Vandu also come there. There are many dance performances. Raman wants to make Shagun jealous and dances with Ishita on the song Saree ke fall sa………… Both of them compliment each other.

Shagun tells Ishita that Raman danced with her to show her. Ishita gets annoyed with Raman. Adi is hurt seeing an argument between Shagun and Ishita and starts hating Ishita. Ruhi sees Raman and Ishita fighting and asks Raman to gift anything to Ishita. Raman thinks what to gift and gifts her a brush as she is a dentist. Ishita likes the gift a lot as its very thoughtful. Adi makes a plan and calls up Raman. He tells Raman to prove it to him that he has married Ishita only for Ruhi’s sake and he does not love her. Raman agrees as he wants Adi’s love back. Raman asks Ruhi to be ready in the evening as he is taking her and Ishita for dinner. What did Adi ask Raman to do? Will Raman realize his love for Ishita? Keep reading next week for more updates.