Sandhya jumps off 15000 feet making Sooraj proud in Diya Aur Baati Hum

Officer Singh asks the cadets to take their family’s permission. In Sandhya’s case, she should get the form signed by her husband Sooraj. Officer Singh tells them about the dangerous task which is optional and can be done if they wish or they can skip it. It can add a golden feather to their ranking in the academy training. Rahul, Zakir and Sandhya give their names for the task of jumping from high height from the jet pane and landing by opening the parachute. Officer Singh makes the task clear to them and tells about the consequences of life risk.

Zakir talks to his dad and he does not permit him to take part in the task because of the life risk but Zakir convinces him saying they why did you send me in this academy to become an IPS officer if you were afraid of the risks. His dad agrees. Roma and Rahul tell Sandhya that Sooraj will not allow her as he is very protective about her. Sandhya thinks of talking to Sooraj but is worried whether he will agree to give his consent or not. She calls Sooraj and tells him everything about the life risks. She tells him that she wants to overcome her every fear and want to do the task. She requests Sooraj to give her a chance to prove her mettle. To her surprise, Sooraj agrees and permits her to do the task and make them proud. He tells her that he will not say this to Bhabho and Babasa and will tell them once she is done with the task with flying colors.

Sandhya is very happy and tells Officer Singh that Sooraj has signed the form. Officer Singh is also surprised as she did not expect Sooraj to permit Sandhya for this. Sandhya and Zakir think of jumping from the highest altitude. Zakir thinks he has chosen the highest one and is proud of himself. When he is about to jump from the jet place, Officer Singh tells him that his altitude is only 12000 feet whereas Sandhya has chosen the highest one being 15000 feet. Zakir is shocked and does his task well. Next comes Sandhya’s turn who is strong and confident that she will do it well.

Sandhya jumps from the jet plane and Officer Singh is connected to her via wireless. She asks Sandhya to open the parachute but Sandhya’s parachute does not open. She gets tensed and falls in the air. She tries hard to open the parachute but fails. She gets Sooraj’s locket and thinks about his words. The locket gets stuck in her hand and she holds it and the parachute opens. Officer Singh was also tensed thinking Sandhya would die if the parachute does not open and asks the men to arrange some replacement for her landing. But she too gets relieved seeing the parachute open.

Sandhya makes a fine landing and Officer Singh is proud of her. She tells her that she is like a bird who can fly high and no one can underestimate the flight of a bird, but the bird becomes helpless when it is evening and she has to think of returning home to her family. Same case is with Sandhya, who is emotional and her family is her weakness. Sandhya tells her that her family has given her confidence to pursue her IPS dream and they are her strength, not her weakness. Officer Singh is happy with her reply. Zakir feels Sandhya is giving him tough competition and she may as well win the Best Cadet Trophy. He gets worried and thinks of doing something.

Officer Singh takes everyone to the jungle for the jungle task. She tells them that this is the final and the winning task and the one who wins in this task will be getting the Best Cadet Trophy. Zakir thinks of winning the trophy at any cost, by hard work or any dirty plan. Officer Singh explains them the rules of the task, to bring flags from 8 different directions and gives them a detailed map of the jungle with the compass. Zakir damages Sandhya’s compass so that she does not reach the right way. Sandhya is not aware of it. What will Sandhya do now to win the task? Who will win the Best Cadet Trophy? Keep reading.