Zakir gets suspended from service; Sandhya suggests Meenakshi’s second marriage in Diya Aur Baati Hum

Maya changes her look as an old woman. She puts bullets in the Karwa and hides it. Maya calls someone and says arms have left from here, arms are in green cloth Karwas. He says all arms will be in ASP Zakir’s jeep and reach Pushkar. Disha sees Zakir’s car at the checkpost. Disha says we are taking arms under the nose of police. Sooraj and Sandhya get beautifully dressed and she compliments him. Meenakshi twists Prema’s hand for wearing her bridal dress. She asks Prema to change the dress. Bhabho comes and scolds Meenakshi. Vikram comes and Bhabho asks him to see Prema. Vikram thinks of his suhaagraat with Meenakshi and recalls its Meenakshi’s bridal dress.

Vikram says I don’t want Prema to be linked to Meenakshi and become like her. He says he will buy a more beautiful one for her. Zakir gets all the Karwas and leaves. Maya comes there in the dancers troupe. Sandhya sees the constable and his wife having jewellery, and RK run under his service. She tells this to Zakir. She says its odd that he is having so much gold, we should not take any chance. He says he will find out. Zakir asks about his gold bracelet. The man says its gifted by his inlaws. Bhabho and Babasa come to Meenakshi. Bhabho scolds Meenakshi. She asks her not to go to Vikram to break her fast. Meenakshi says she will keep the fast, I will go to Vikram wearing that lahenga and he will break my fast.

Maya tells Prema to take the arms from Karwa and put in Sooraj’s sweet trays, it will come to us safe, as Sooraj’s car will not be checked. Maya tells her plan to Prema. Prema and Maya are shocked seeing Zakir and Sandhya checking the Karwa. Zakir and Sandhya are shocked seeing the bullets inside the Karwa pots. She says she might be RK’s team member, if this are brought here, it means someone will come and take this from here. She says she will inform SP Sir. Zakir installs the cameras. Sandhya fills the Karwas back. Sandhya and Zakir run after Maya and Prema gets blank message and knocks the door to run away. Sandhya and Zakir stop her and asks her to keep hands up, else they will shoot her.

The power goes as Prema turns it off. Zakir shoots and Maya leaves. Zakir says I kept spy cams there, I m sure anyone will come there. They see the spycam footage and asks the staff to seal the area. SP says this should not hurt anyone’s sentiments here. Sandhya sees Prema in Karwa area and is shocked. Sandhya asks Prema is she fine, I was worried as the power went, as you are pregnant. Prema is tensed and says Meenakshi has locked her in the room and also hurt her hand. Meenakshi admits to have done this and Prema gets clean chit from Sandhya. Maya says Sandhya and Zakir’s Jodi is strong, we have to break them.

Disha says how will we do this. Maya says they are united and we have to shake their strength and make it half, then we can break it. Bhabho thinks even Lord can’t say what will Meenakshi do, she made Vikram more angry. Meenakshi says she wants him to break her fast and she can do anything. She faints and Vikram breaks her fast. Everyone get glad. Sandhya also breaks her fast with Sooraj, but it gets late. Sabarwal dies and puts the blame of RK’s run out on Zakir. SP talks to Zakir about RK. Zakir says we should not take anything lightly. SP tells Sandhya to hear this and asks her to do her work.Sandhya gets the suicide note and reads Zakir’s note. Zakir gets suspended and cries as the department does not trust him.

Sandhya does not believe this and supports Zakir. Vikram drops Meenakshi to her home, and her mum brings her back being angry. She asks for the shop’s equal share and things get worse. She takes Meenakshi and leaves.Bhabho asks Sandhya to find a solution. She gets an idea and calls Vikram. Sandhya says like Vikram decides to start new life with Prema, we will do Meenakshi’s second marriage. Bhabho says is she mad. Sandhya says Meenakshi has a right to marry too. Vikram is shocked. They try to see his reaction whether he will be bothered about Meenakshi or still be angry on her for the baby swapping matter. What will be Maya’s next plan to free RK after she lost to Zakir? Keep reading.