Sandhya and Zakir cheat Maya and fail her plan, but unaware about plane hijack in Diya Aur Baati Hum

Everyone at home try to make Vikram jealous by talking about Meenakshi’s second marriage. Sandhya sees the video CD about Operation Grahan. Sandhya gets a clue in the video and calls Zakirr to inform him. She thinks Zakir is not working on this case and she can’t share anything with him now. Bhabho and Babasa meet Meenakshi. Meenakshi says I won’t do second marriage, my fate is bad. She cries and says she won’t do. Bhabho says I know everything, so I got this poison for you. Meenakshi opens the bottle and cries. She says I can do anything for Vikram and drinks it. She says I drank the poison, now I will faint, I m dying, I m going.  Meenakshi asks Bhabho why did she do this.


Bhabho tells the groom’s name Vikram. Meenakshi smiles. Bhabho says we will get you back home. She tells her plan and everything what they did till now. Prema keeps the firecrackers and says she will make arms from this being at Rathi house. I will fulfill plane hijack arms making here. Sandhya talks to Babasa who tells her that he is bringing Meenakshi and asks him to keep Vikram at home. Vikram is shocked seeing Meenakshi’s new look. Sooraj shows his new scooter. Sandhya thinks something seeing the number plate as Misri repeats the number as alphabets. Sandhya goes to decode the alphabets into numbers, and gets 2310 code. She informs SP sir and Prema hears her.


Disha shows the Dubai ticket for Sooraj, and flight number 2310.  Disha thinks just 5 days remaining, as after that the flight 2310 will be hijacked. Disha thinks Sandhya should know this, as she is handling RK’s case, she will not know this flight is part of Operation Grahan. Prema thinks if Sandhya sees this, she will she the flight number 2310.  Prema sees the diya and burns the bedsheet to divert everyone. They are shocked seeing the fire. Prema keeps the diya back. Disha gives ticket to Sandhya. Everyone try to put down the fire. Sandhya keeps ticket and Prema burns it. Prema says if Sandhya saw that ticket, she would have known our operation that we are hijacking that flight. Sandhya makes rangoli and Sooraj comes to her.


He praises the design. Sooraj asks is she happy with him going to Dubai, how can she be without him. She says she is happy but she will miss him, she will be alone for one week and its not easy. He holds her and hugs her. He says he stayed away from her for 11 months and it was very tough for him. He says we will always be together, when we go apart, we feel the worry and value of each other. Maya calls Zakir to take him in her team and he agrees to catch her. Maya says SP will return your uniform if you really cheat him.


Zakir smiles and says I think I will learn a lot from you. Maya ends the call.  Prema thinks its good chance to make arms, its good start to Diwali. Meenakshi tells Bhabho that Vikram’s feet got swollen, she will send hot water for him.  She stays at home. Sandhya comes to the highway area and asks her staff not to shoot Prabhu. They find Prabhu sleeping there. They start shooting at him. Prabhu runs a lot. Sandhya finally catches him and gets hold of him. She asks him about 2310 and his other helpers. Prema makes the arms at home. Meenakshi walks to the room. She opens the door and Prema is shocked. Prema beats her and she faints.


Meenakshi tells Bhabho that Prema has hit her and swears on Vikram. Prabhu says don’t shoot me, I will tell you. He says the Dusshehra blast was a trailor, 2310 means Diwali day, means the date, where serial blasts will be made and they will threaten to free RK from govt, else many blasts will be done. He defines the wrong meaning of the 2310 code.  Maya shoots Prabhu. SP gives Zakir the honor back, as he did not cheat police and told everything to Sandhya before itself.  Sandhya prays to be strong to save her family and country. Maya tells Disha and Prema that Sandhya and police got rid of 2310, but we will now hijack the flight 2310.


Sandhya and Sooraj spend some romantic moments. Zakir tells about the call and they are trying to trace it. Sandhya says we could not identify the gang members and 2310 secret is not out. Zakir says let her meet me. Sandhya says she has a plan and tells them. She tells about GPS tracking chip inside the bag. Will Sandhya’s plan work? Keep reading.