Thapki Pyar Ki June 9, 2017 written update: Lovely is pretending to be Thapki

In the most recent scene of Thapki Pyar Ki, Thapki guarantees Aryan to trust her that she is Thapki. Aryan asks her for what valid reason is she calling him Bihaan. She reveals to him she doesn’t need individuals to think about Aryan Khanna.

Dolly, then again, sees somebody running over the house. She tries to take after however the lady in green goes out.

In the following scene, the lady in green evacuates her garments and is seen in lively garments. The group cheers for her yelling her name as Lovely. When she gets to the stage, Thapki’s face is appeared.

After the execution Lovely gathers cash succumbed to her on the stage.

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Thapki Pyar Ki June 8, 2017 composed refresh: Thapki’s face is changed after plastic surgery

She at that point backpedals as Thapki. She sneaks into the house in the night yet Aryan turns on the light and asks her where was she.

Beautiful untruths that she had gone to the spot where Bani passed on. She was feeling the loss of her.

Aryan goes to Thapki’s photograph and converses with her truism his heart is not prepared to acknowledge that Lovely is Thapki.

The following morning, Aryan composes a note for Bani on her photo. He at that point asks everybody in the family to compose a sentence recollecting Bani. Exquisite gets stunned as her penmanship is not like Thapki’s.

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