Beyhadh written update, May 29, 2017: Maya decides to kill Sanjh

The scene of Beyhadh begins with Samay requesting that Sanjh drink soup. Samay discloses to her that she ought to call Arjun and will rest easy. Sanjh discloses to him that when she is with Arjun she feels better as Arjun is the person who comprehends her the best.

In the mean time, Arjun strolls in and Samay gets up to leave from that point however Sanjh stops him. Arjun reveals to her that Maya is pregnant and he doesn’t needs her to take any anxiety hence Arjun should break a wide range of connection with Sanjh.

Sanjh discloses to him that she couldn’t care less about anything or anybody now, as she has effectively lost her dad and he was her greatest support. Arjun leaves from that point and Sanjh begins crying holding Samay.

Arjun likewise considers Sanjh and gets passionate and Vandana comes to him and requests that he take off. She reveals to him that she will deal with Sanjh.

Then again, Maya paints a picture of Arjun with her blood and she contemplates every one of the snapshots of Arjun with Sanjh and gets furious she feels that now Sanjh should seep as she is the greatest obstruction amongst Maya and Arjun.

Watch this space for more updates. Beyhadh pretense on Sony Entertainment Television at 9 pm from Monday to Friday.

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